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The Best RV AC Gaskets to Prevent Leakages & Energy Wastage

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best rv ac gasket

Replacing worn-down RV AC gaskets is a tricky but crucial process. It’s not something an RVer should ever overlook because these components prevent various issues. At some point, finding the best RV AC gasket to replace an old one becomes a must for every RVer.

But the process can be complicated for anyone who doesn’t know what to look for in these products. Our buying guide will strip away this difficulty by providing everything an RVer will need to find the perfect option.

I’ll begin with 12 product reviews of my favorite RV AC gaskets to offer a head start. These reviews should provide a general idea of what these products feature and offer.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Camco 25071


Editor’s Pick

Ventmate 65526


Best Value for Money

Dometic 3310718.006


Best RV AC Gasket Reviews

1. Camco 25071 Universal Air Conditioner Roof Gasket Kit

Camco’s 25071 Universal Air Conditioner Roof Gasket Kit stands out among its competition for two reasons, its easy installation and versatility. You can attribute both of these qualities to this product’s universal 14″ x 14″ design that fits most AC units without any issue.

The installation itself doesn’t require much effort, either. Users will need to remove the residues left over from your old gasket and clean the surface before attaching it. Camco also included two leveling foam pads to further ensure the process goes smoothly.

As a result, I didn’t have any issues replacing my AC unit’s gasket. I wasn’t the only one to have a positive installation experience, either. It was a common source of praise within this product’s reviews.

I was also thrilled by its waterproof compression seal that’ll stop any leaks from entering your motorhome. It has even shown an ability to hold up against extreme rainfall, which my previous gaskets failed to withstand.

Moreover, this rooftop AC gasket doesn’t come with an expensive price tag. One might think this lower cost would affect its durability, but the gasket’s made from high-quality materials. Camco did an excellent job building an effective, affordable product.

But I do wish it was a bit thicker like some other options on this list. However, the seal has proven to be a secure one even without the extra thickness. This issue shouldn’t make this inexpensive option leave a buyer’s consideration list.

 Bottom Line:  Given this information, it would be foolish to pass up on this steal of a deal. Any RVers who need a replacement for their AC unit’s gasket would be doing themselves a disservice by not considering it. It has become one of my favorite products for RVs.

2. Ventmate 65526 Coleman Air Conditioner Gasket Kit

If you’re looking to replace a gasket on a Coleman AC unit, Ventmate’s 65526 Coleman Air Conditioner Gasket Kit would be an ideal choice. Its high-quality construction makes it a godsend for anyone with those air conditioners.

The main highlight of its excellent construction would be its pre-sealed corners. It’s a pivotal aspect because it keeps the gasket’s integrity. In other words, these corners are watertight to ensure no leaks or other issues make it into your rig.

I love that it’s ⅝” thick, which helps provide a better seal. It won’t have any issues sealing the gaps around your AC unit with this thickness level. This attribute will improve the product’s durability, too, as it should last longer than most other available options. One customer mentioned having it for five years and experiencing no leaks in that period.

Buyers will benefit greatly from the included leveling blocks that offer vital advantages. For instance, these pieces will keep the AC unit level and stable when traveling. More importantly, they protect your roof membrane from getting damaged.

Ventmate also offers quick service, as many users have mentioned fast delivery in their reviews. This is always a plus when you’re shopping online, and I am always going to recommend brands that don’t keep buyers waiting.

A few customers did mention that the product didn’t come with an instruction manual. It seems like a misstep from Ventmate as the lack of one could make things difficult for newbie RVers.

 Bottom Line:  Of course, we should call a professional to do the job if things get too tricky. I also have to note most people felt the process was easy enough with some youtube videos.

3. Dometic 3310718.006 Air Conditioner Gasket

RVers looking for Dometic RV air conditioner gasket replacement need to consider Dometic’s 3310718.006 Air Conditioner Gasket. The product’s interior foam will make it more than worth your time as it’s quite dense.

Due to this, the thick foam will prevent the AC membrane from collapsing easily. It also keeps a watertight seal to stop those pesky leaks from coming through it. RV AC gaskets don’t get much better than this one when it comes to protection quality.

You can also expect this watertight seal to keep the cool air within your motorhome. It helps ensure a much more comfortable environment and prevents any waste of cool air. Therefore, it’ll keep your energy costs down and make those hot summer days or nights bearable.

The dense foam material has a known reputation for lasting a long time, as well. Users won’t need to replace this gasket over the next few years. As a result, you won’t have to worry about RV air conditioner seal replacement procedures anytime soon.

Buyers should be thrilled about this gasket’s manufacturer, as well. I don’t think there’s a single company out with a better reputation among the RVing community than Dometic. This Dometic AC gasket does nothing to make me think differently.

However, I do wish this product came with leveling blocks to give some more peace of mind. It’s more of a preference issue, but I tend to prefer options with these pieces included. But I can’t deny its overall performance as anything other than outstanding.

 Bottom Line:  With this in mind, Dometic RV AC owners shouldn’t hesitate for a second to buy this gasket. I can’t see a situation where they would be disappointed by what it offers.

4. Ventmate 62901 RV Air Conditioner Gasket

The Ventmate 62901 RV Air Conditioner Gasket is one of our most versatile choices. It has a 14″ x 14″ design, which is considered standard for this marketplace. Therefore, this gasket will mesh perfectly with most RV AC units without any trouble.

Buyers should expect the product’s adhesive backing material to help with this process. In fact, a user will simply need to peel off the backing paper and carefully set it onto the AC opening. It’ll then adhere to the opening rather quickly.

I do have to note that this item isn’t as big as the original gasket from Coleman Mach. Although it fits most AC units in RVs, we should still check its dimensions before buying. That way, we can avoid wasting a lot of time trying to return your purchase.

As the previous Ventimate gasket, this model was made from high-quality materials. It shouldn’t have any issues dealing with wear and tear while remaining effective. Its quality was a source of praise within the customer reviews more than once.

The product has a relatively low price, too, which should excite bargain buyers. You’ll get an effective option without spending more than necessary on an RV AC gasket. What more could a person who’s looking for the best deal possible want?

Plus, this product is one solid piece rather than four parts glued together. This configuration does not have issues like other inferior options with four separate seams. With this construction, it has shown to provide excellent leak prevention and durability.

 Bottom Line:  Given this information, I would feel more than comfortable installing it onto my RV AC unit. The price tag alone makes this potential issue worth the risk anyway.

5. Steele Rubber Products RV Standard AC Gasket Kit

Steele Rubber Products’s RV Standard AC Gasket Kit is an absolute masterpiece when it comes to these gaskets. Its construction is made up of one high-quality piece of EPDM that offers a staggering amount of adaptability.

Users can expect this product to work on almost every marine and RV roof-mounted AC unit or heat pump. Buyers might consider purchasing more than one as it could serve multiple purposes. Its list of supported brands is also a plus.

As for its performance, there isn’t a single base this product doesn’t cover. It provides excellent weather resistance, UV resistance, and better overall durability than most options available. I did not find an RV AC gasket more equipped for the job than this one.

The product’s leak prevention is second-to-none among RV AC gaskets. Its provided seal will eliminate any potential RV AC water runoff issues while keeping cool air inside your motorhome’s interior. Multiple customers made a point within their reviews to acknowledge its capabilities in this area.

Installing this gasket is also a breeze due to its pressure-sensitive adhesive-backing. It’s a vital feature because it’ll keep the gasket in place when the installation occurs. Plus, you get two 7″ leveling blocks to make sure the AC unit never touches the roof and keep it stable.

But this product does provide a tricky question for customers to answer. Is the outstanding performance worth its high asking price? After all, this gasket is easily among the most costly on today’s market.

 Bottom Line:  If you were asking me, I would immediately answer with a resounding yes. It’s perfectly suited to meet or exceed the expectations of every RVer who needs a replacement RV AC gasket. It checks off every box.

6. Coleman Mach 83323301 RV AC Gasket Kit

Our next option, Coleman Mach’s 83323301 RV AC Gasket Kit, has earned a reputation for being incredibly efficient. Its foam material allows the gasket to be both dense and flexible for superior performance.

These traits allow the product to form an airtight and watertight seal around your AC unit’s opening. It should prevent condensation and water from entering the rig without breaking a sweat. Buyers will not be displeased by this product from a performance standpoint.

It’s pleasing to see this Coleman Mach AC gasket was another 14″ x 14″ design, as well. It should work with any RV AC unit with those measurements without issue. Therefore, the installation process shouldn’t be much of a hassle for experienced or newbie RVers.

Coleman included three leveling foam supports to further entice a potential buyer. These parts have received nothing but rave reviews among my fellow customers. I can’t report anything different as they functioned perfectly when I used them.

Some other notable features include an adhesive backing, 1-inch thick construction, easy installation, and fast shipping speeds. Each of these inclusions should provide another layer onto what makes this gasket kit such a stellar purchase. Coleman did a great job building a product designed to appease a large customer base.

But even with these benefits, this product did have a few customers complain about receiving their item without certain pieces. It’s not an ideal look for a high-quality brand like Coleman, but these issues did seem relatively isolated.

 Bottom Line:  In fact, most customers ended up delighted with what they received when purchasing this gasket. I have complete confidence in getting a fully intact product. My kit arrived damage-free and works just fine.

7. Ventmate 65527 RV AC Gasket Kit

One of the more unique choices, Ventmate’s 65527 RV AC Gasket Kit, has a 14″ x 16″ construction that differs from the marketplace standard. But this doesn’t mean the product isn’t worth considering for the right buyer.

Some larger RV air conditioners do mesh with these measurements rather well. It’s also worth noting that this gasket can work with 14″ x 14″ Coleman-specific units. The performance it provides in those situations isn’t’ anything to dismiss, either.

In these cases, the product’s 1-inch thickness will be a dense, protective layer against potential water damage. It will solve any leaking issues rather quickly with this construction and its watertight pre-sealed corners.

The product also follows industry standards with its high-quality materials. Thus, users should have no worry about its durability or function. Unsurprisingly, it has served me well for years without issues.

You have to love the product’s affordable price and excellent customer service. Both of these aspects are always what customers should want to see when doing product research. It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, considering the past Ventmate gaskets on our list.

But since it’s a multi-piece option, I do wish it came with some warranty. It would make me feel much more comfortable buying a gasket with this type of construction. Although even with this slight issue, the customer reviews have nothing but positive things to report.

 Bottom Line:  These reports make it much easier to consider this product even without a warranty policy. It’s clear this gasket can do the job when it concerns long-term leak prevention on an RV roof. Plus, Ventimate’s excellent reputation certainly helps matters. This company is one of the top choices for RV ventilation accessories.

8. BougeRV Universal RV Air Conditioner Gasket Kit

The BougeRV Universal RV Air Conditioner Gasket Kit has become a favorite among RVers for several different reasons. But its main standout trait would be the single-piece design that doesn’t include seams for heightened durability.

In other words, this single-piece construction won’t crack as easily as multi-piece gaskets. It makes the product a much more formidable option to protect your RV’s interior. Plus, it should have no problem offering long-lasting performance other options can’t match.

You also get two high-quality foam leveling pads, which are always a nice touch. I didn’t even mention its standard design that ensures a great deal of versatility. There aren’t many RVers that this gasket can’t help.

Customers make a point to talk about its packaging within their respective reviews, as well. This area isn’t something generally praised in customer reviews. BougeRV seems to use shipping containers that provide good protection rather than using flimsy boxes that are prone to damage.

The product’s 12-month warranty was another aspect to catch my attention. It’ll make sure every buyer will always have access to a functioning gasket. Honestly, it shows the faith that BougeRV has in this product, considering most options don’t provide one.

As for its flaws, I couldn’t find a single one within its customer reviews. This product does its job effectively without providing any hassles. Honestly, the only thing worth mentioning is that this gasket kit might not work with a few larger air conditioners.

 Bottom Line:  But if it does fit your situation, I don’t see any reason why it won’t serve well. It provides everything a buyer might ever want in an RV roof AC gasket. It’s easily among the best available options.

9. Leisure Time Marketing, Inc. 15068 Universal AC Gasket

Leisure Time Marketing, Inc.’s 15068 Universal AC Gasket offers high-quality performance with its closed-cell foam construction. It’s an impressive design because it has proven repeatedly to last much longer than an AC unit’s original gasket.

As a result, buyers shouldn’t have to replace this gasket for a long time. I was also impressed with the included leveling shims that’ll only improve its performance further. Honestly, sealing up the gaps and keeping out moisture will be easy with these components.

Its performance certainly met my expectations when I was trying it. I didn’t feel any cold drafts coming from my RV’s AC unit or notice any leaking issues. It ended up being a practical, straightforward choice that didn’t provide me with any hassles.

I was happy to see this product has a manufacturing location inside the United States, as well. It’s a vital component because this trait means it went through a good deal of safety testing before going onto the market. Moreover, it also ensures the product ships faster, unlike some other choices.

Aside from these features, it has several familiar ones seen in previous options. Some of these include a universal design, an easy installation, and an affordable price tag. It’s well-equipped to meet what an RVer comes to expect from an AC RV gasket.

However, it seems certain customers have been confused about whether it’s a single or multi-piece RV AC gasket. These issues popped up more than a few times when reading through the product’s customer reviews.

 Bottom Line:  Its ad page does make it somewhat unclear, but it’s a four-piece option. Please don’t buy this model thinking it’s an ultra-affordable single-piece, seamless gasket. Otherwise, you’ll end up disappointed.

10. Valterra A10-1414 RV Air Conditioning Seal

If you’re looking for a simple option with solid effectiveness, Valterra’s A10-1414 RV Air Conditioning Seal would be a good choice. It has an adequate ¾” thick foam construction that allows the product to help prevent leaks and moisture from entering relatively easily when installed correctly.

You’ll soon find out this model isn’t outstanding when it comes to durability, but it does well for people on a budget. It becomes a suitable option for someone who isn’t looking to spend a lot of money on a genuine OEM gasket replacement.

After all, it has one of the more affordable price tags on the entire list. I’d imagine I can make this product last about a year if I stay on top of its maintenance. You won’t find many other similarly priced options that offer close to this longevity on today’s market.

Its installation isn’t overly complicated, either, thanks to its adhesive backing. This feature is quite helpful and shouldn’t have any trouble sticking itself to the opening. For the best results, users can pair this item with RTV or GE sealant. I’ve followed this suggestion from the manufacturer, and the outcome has been satisfactory.

As with several options, it can work on most 14” x 14” roof openings. It ends up being a short-term, versatile solution for someone who needs a quick fix. But it does have its limitations, and buyers shouldn’t expect miracles from this gasket.

 Bottom Line:  If you’re okay with those limitations, this product could end up being a practical choice. It could bridge your leak issues until you have enough money for the more high-quality option. Users can then easily replace it with the upgraded option without much problem.

11. Dometic RV Gasket Kit for AC and Heat Pumps

RVers should no longer be shocked by the quality of Dometic products. The Dometic RV Roof AC Gasket Kit for AC and Heat Pumps doesn’t do anything to discourage that notion. It should have no problem making people who are using it for heat pumps or AC units more than happy.

As a result, it could serve an RVer’s needs in more than one way. We can utilize its 1-inch thick construction to prevent issues from arising in the AC unit or heat pump. This level of adaptability makes buying two a really appealing choice.

You can also expect this model to work with almost any Dometic AC unit, for example, as a Dometic Duo Therm RV air conditioner gasket. I was thrilled with this product’s adhesive stickiness, too, which made applying straightforward and stress-free.

Other customers made a note of this adhesive’s impressive stickiness, as well. It certainly was a lot easier to apply than what I’ve encountered with other gaskets. It fit right into place, and I haven’t had any leaking issues or other problems. I even gave one to my friend, who had a similar experience.

Honestly, the most challenging part of this entire process was removing my old gasket. The actual installation part was effortless and took almost no time. It’s just another area where this model will make your life much easier.

 Bottom Line:  But I was a little disappointed by two aspects; this model didn’t come with a warranty or leveling blocks, which I value highly in these kits. However, I can’t complain from a performance standpoint as it did everything the ad description promised. It should have no problems keeping your RV AC water runoff issues to a minimum.

12. Stag RV A/C Roof Gasket Seal

The final option on our list, Stag RV A/C Gasket Seal, shouldn’t be overlooked because of its placement. Users can expect this option to match or outpace what our previous RV AC gaskets offered.

An excellent example would be its universal design (14” x 14”) that’ll fit most RV AC openings. This aspect should make it a good choice for almost any RVer looking to get a new RV AC gasket. It’s clear that Stag wanted to make sure their audience was as broad as possible.

I was impressed with this product’s easy installation process. After all, I was able to do the entire procedure without the help of a second person. My abilities aren’t anything to write home about, which means anyone reading this shouldn’t have an issue.

Once the product was installed, I had nothing but high praise for its abilities to keep issues at bay. I didn’t feel a single cold breeze or notice any leakage. It even managed to hold well during a nasty thunderstorm that sprung a large amount of rain.

The two included self-adhesive foam leveling pads were another massive highlight. You wouldn’t believe how easy these aspects were to use when setting up this gasket. All in all, the performance by this one-piece option far outdid my expectations.

But I must admit that this choice is a bit expensive. You’ll have to determine whether its impressive performance abilities and top-tier leveling pads are worth the investment.

 Bottom Line:  In my case, I would find myself feeling relatively okay with purchasing this gasket kit. There’s a lot to love about its simplicity, and it does provide some impressive performance results. I might even say it’s one of the best items on our list.

What to Look for When Buying RV AC Gasket


Finding a high-quality RV AC gasket isn’t as easy as most people expect. Several different factors will play a sizable role in your final decision. This section will ensure you have an excellent handle on all of them.


Most RV AC gaskets will have a construction made up of four strips of gaskets joined together by a strong adhesive. If you’re lucky enough to find a single-piece gasket that doesn’t have any seams, this option will be your perfect choice.

But I must also note that some options with seams do offer high-quality performance. It comes down to whether there are spaces of unfused material within its design. If there is, I’d advise avoiding it entirely.

As for construction size, AC gaskets are available in two dimensions: 14″ x 14″ and 14″ x 16″. You’ll need to figure out which one fits your situation best. This task isn’t too hard to do as your AC’s manufacturer will provide the right information.

You could also remove the ceiling assembly and measure your old gasket from the inside. Either way, the right size choice will become clear.


A high-quality RV AC gasket will be thick. In fact, the gasket’s thickness corresponds to the effectiveness of its seal: the thicker the gasket, the better its seal. Due to this, a buyer who chooses a thicker gasket will be much better off.

Ease of Installation

Your chosen AC gasket shouldn’t be hard to install. But this process needs to be correctly done, or you won’t get the full benefits. An improperly installed gasket will be largely ineffective and might cause damage to your rig.

I’d recommend choosing an option with an easy-to-follow instruction manual. It’ll make the entire process a lot simpler and remove any complications. But if the gasket doesn’t come with one, make sure you can install it so it doesn’t have hitches, or call a professional.


RV AC gaskets aren’t overly expensive, but their price tags do vary quite a bit. I’d suggest buying one in the upper ranges as there tends to be a vast quality difference. These products aren’t something to cheaply invest in for an RVer.

After all, these gaskets are a vital component in preventing rainwater from entering your RV. You can also expect them to offer a tight seal that improves your AC unit’s efficiency. As a result, you’ll need a high-quality option to execute these duties.


Some RV AC gaskets will come with a warranty to provide a customer with protection. You might have options with 12-month, 2-year, or 3-years policies. Honestly, their length will vary depending on each manufacturer.

In any case, these features are something buyers want to ensure they don’t get stuck with an unusable product. It also points to how much faith the company has in its creation as no brand will provide one to a bad AC gasket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section will attempt to answer any leftover questions about these gaskets. It should cover any concerns that are still complicating your buying process.

Who is this for?

An RV AC gasket or RV AC seal is used to prevent leakages during those rainy days. It makes them a necessity for any RVer who doesn’t want water damage inside their rigs. In other words, every motorhome owner on the planet.

What are the different types of RV AC gaskets?

As I mentioned earlier, RV AC gaskets are usually separated into two different sizes: 14” x 14 and 14” x 16”. These sizes are generally how companies tend to classify gaskets within this marketplace.

AC gaskets with 14” x 14” measurements are considered the standard, while 14” x 16” options happen to be a little rarer. As you might expect, these secondary options tend to be for larger air conditioners.

Some manufacturers classify these products by their construction type. For instance, there are single-piece and multi-piece RV AC gaskets. Single-piece options are often much more effective because of their lack of seams.

Meanwhile, multi-piece RV AC gaskets are a lot less expensive. It makes them a favorite among the bargain buyers.

How do RV AC gaskets work?

RV AC gaskets or any gaskets are used to cover gaps located between a couple of irregular components. As for their working process, it revolves around three different forces that act upon the gasket.

The first force happens to be the compressive load, which compresses your AC’s gasket. If it’s sufficient, the gasket will fit and flow into the grooves/ridges of components. As a result, it creates a compact, tight seal.

From there, the hydrostatic end force will offset the initial force placed upon your gasket. This action will lessen the load on it while maintaining some residual load.

It’ll then encounter the last force, which is the internal process. Your chosen gasket must be durable enough to combat the temperature and pressure applied by the components.

If all three are sufficient, your gasket’s seal will remain strong even when encountering various potential issues: temperature changes, chemicals, oils, movement, and fluids. However, it’s essential to know your AC gasket will loosen eventually because of the continuous travel.

Advantages and disadvantages of using RV AC gaskets

Every customer needs to know the pros and cons of any potential investment. This section will discuss both at length to ensure you know what an RV AC gasket provides. Therefore, you can then determine whether it’s worth your money.


  • Leak Prevention

A gasket’s main benefit is its ability to seal leaks and prevent liquids from seeping into your RV. It’ll provide this advantage even when encountering extreme pressure or high temperatures. It gives RVers some peace of mind that a leak won’t happen when driving their RV.

  • Provides Stability

These gaskets will also provide stability by keeping your RV AC unit in place. More importantly, it’ll prevent vibrations or bumps from causing any damage. They should help keep your AC unit in good condition throughout your adventures.

  • Inexpensive

AC gaskets aren’t overly expensive when compared to other RV-related products. You can replace one and not have to spend a significant portion of your savings.

  • Protects Your Onboard Appliances

Gaskets offer protection against water or other liquid-based damage thanks to their leak prevention ability. Therefore, it’ll help save your rig’s interior and onboard appliances from these issues.


The one disadvantage is RV AC gaskets will eventually need to be replaced. In most cases, you won’t find an option with a lifespan longer than five years.

Who makes the best RV AC gaskets?

Choosing a trusted AC gasket manufacturer is a massive component in any successful buying experience. It’s essential to do extensive research into any company you’re considering. Customer reviews will be an excellent resource to ensure it’s a worthwhile brand.

But if you’re looking for a point in the right direction, return to our product review section. Each of these brands has an excellent reputation for making top-tier RV AC gaskets.

How do you replace the gasket on an RV air conditioner?

If you are wondering how to install RV air conditioner gasket, it begins by removing the air conditioner. You then take out the old gasket and install the new one into the correct place. Return the air conditioner back to its original location.

How long should an RV air conditioner last?

Most AC units last anywhere between three to five years. Of course, this range can fluctuate up or down, but that’s the average for most RV air conditioners.


You shouldn’t now have much trouble finding the best RV AC gasket. If you follow our buying guide, the right choice will become apparent quickly. But you can always use our comment section whenever an issue or concern does present itself. I’ll make sure to answer each one as soon as possible to get you back on track.

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