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Choosing the Best RV Drawer Latches to Keep Your Drawers Closed While Driving

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best rv drawer latches

Over the past few years, more people have been joining the trend of recreational vehicles. These motorhomes are designed as a living space for owners who love to travel to different places.

But you must find the correct cabinet latch for your RV to experience smooth travels and prevent things from scattering as you drive through all kinds of roads.

There are many latch options in the market today that will make any RV owner feel overwhelmed. To choose the best RV drawer latches, you should consider a lot of things, such as style, installation, and latch strength, to name a few. This article will help you determine each factor and better choose the suitable latches for your RV.

When choosing the right drawer latches for your RV, you should consider some important factors, including:

  • Locking Mechanism: Consider choosing a latch that won’t be easy for a bumpy road to unlatch or unlock but is easy to open when you try to. Finding the right balance between these two can be crucial in choosing the proper drawer latch.
  • Durability and pull force: Another thing to consider is its durability and pull force. The ideal drawer latches should be enough to last more than a few years and can’t easily be opened.
  • Installment process: Lastly, you may also want to check the product’s installment process and make sure it’s easy to do. It’s recommended to get latches that do not require any drilling as it may damage your cabinets.

To help you choose suitable drawer latches, we also made a list of some of the best camper cabinet latches available in the market. As you read further in this article, you will see honest product reviews and the pros and cons of each product.

Once you finish reading the full article, you’ll surely be an expert, and choosing a latch will be as easy as 1-2-3.

Without further ado, here is a well-researched list of the top-rated RV drawer latches to help you get a perspective on which one you should use that fits your RV the most.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch


Most Durable

ACIMONE Cabinet Latch


Most Budget-Friendly

CRANACH Cabinet Latch


Best RV Drawer Latch Reviews

1. Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch

The first product on our list is the Camp’N RV Cabinet Latch, which has proven effective in keeping RV cabinets closed. It can easily hold the weight of the cabinet’s content because of a 5 lbs pull force that stays closed even when driving on bumpy roads.

I like that it’s effortless to install, and it even comes with cabinet mount hardware. Having all the essential materials without the need to buy them separately is a massive bonus for me. All I need to do is screw in the mount and the latch, and it’s good to go.

Another thing that I loved is the durability of this product. This latch can stay in good condition longer than any other RV latch on the market. It adds a nice touch that your drawer latch is very durable and can last more than a few years too.

I should mention that this one comes as a pack of four. Camp’N offers great deals with affordable prices for bulk buyers without worrying about the quality of your latches.

In my opinion, this RV drawer latch is an excellent choice for owners, even with the shipping issues. Imagine having a high-quality drawer latch at an affordable price. It’s going to be hard trying to find a better deal than this one.

 Heads-up:  Even though this product is already a good bargain for RV owners, some people have expressed dissatisfaction with the product’s shipping. In addition, there are issues with packaging and delays. Although very minimal, that is a good thing to watch out for.

  • Easy installation and comes with mount hardware
  • Affordable price for a 4-pack drawer latch
  • Efficient 5 lbs pull force.
  • Durable enough to last for more than a few years
  • Shipping delays
 Bottom Line:  In my opinion, this is one of the best RV drawer latch for owners, even with the shipping issues. Imagine having a high-quality drawer latch at an affordable price. It’s going to be hard trying to find a better deal than this one.

2. ACIMONE Cabinet Door Latch

The ACIMONE Cabinet Door Latch is another great drawer latch option. One of the best features this product has is its versatility. We can use this latch for any doors from our RV cabinets to using it as a cupboard latch in the kitchen.

The product also comes as a pack of eight, so it’s a great deal for people who need many latches for their drawers and cabinets. This great deal helps save me a lot of money in the long run as I can have extra spares for replacement.

I like how it’s made from ABS materials, so it is durable and can last long. It can also withstand varying outdoor and weather conditions, which is a big bonus for me. Thus, I don’t need to worry about replacing the latches now and then.

Installation is also an excellent factor to consider, and with this product, it’s effortless. It would be best if you had an electric drill to put it in place and keep it aligned with your catch, and then it’s good to go. It fits right into the OEM; that’s why it’s considered a suitable replacement.

 Heads-up:  Just a side note, I notice that this product has a weaker pull force than some other similar products. This cabinet latch has an 8 lbs pull force, which is just the right amount for any adult. However, some people may consider this as a low value for pull force.

  • Easy to install as it fits into the OEM
  • Made from ABS material to withstand outdoor conditions
  • Inexpensive 8-pack to save money
  • Versatile use for any cabinet or drawer
  • Has a weaker pull force than expected
 Bottom Line:  I would recommend this product to those out there who want to buy several latches for a reasonable price. Anyone can get high-quality and long-lasting versatile latches with this drawer latch from ACIMONE.

3. CRANACH Cabinet Door Latch

The CRANACH Cabinet Door Latch is among the fantastic RV drawer locks I’ve tried. This latch is made from ABS material that is efficient in providing top-notch performance.

This is the best product to use as a replacement if your RV cabinet door latch keeps breaking. They fit right into the OEM, and there is no need for more damage or work. It even comes with mounting screws that you can use to install the latch, making it convenient and easy to install.

With 8 lbs pull force, rest assured that your cabinets and drawers will stay firmly closed even with bumpy roads. It’s so durable and sturdy that it will take more than a couple of years for it to break. It can also stand harsh weather or outdoor conditions while assuring you of a high-quality function.

I also love how I can use it for everything, whether your cabinets and drawers in your RV or at home. Plus, this four-pack latch comes at an affordable price that owners would consider a great deal.

 Heads-up:  The only disappointing thing is the instruction manual that came with the latches. It can be very confusing for some people, but the installation is a quick and easy process regardless.

  • Easy installation with no additional damage to your cabinets
  • Reliable and sturdy with 8 lbs pull force
  • Versatile use for any cabinet door
  • Reasonable price for four-pack latches
  • Instructions are a bit confusing
 Bottom Line:  CRANACH is a great brand when it comes to cabinet latches. With all these great features, and the manual isn’t a big issue, this product is a great option to consider for RV owners.

4. Jiayi Magnetic Door Catch

RV owners looking for a small design for their RV latches will undoubtedly be happy with this following product. The Jiayi Magnetic Door Catch is a fantastic product that you can use for any size, from an RV medicine cabinet latch to a home kitchen cupboard latch.

Installing this latch is as easy as pie because it has a single magnet mount. We just need to anchor the magnet to the door frame then align the steel plate. Then, we put it in place along with the magnet using the solid adhesive strips, and you’re all done. The product comes with mounting screws to secure it in place, but it’s optional.

When it comes to durability, this product is unmatched. It’s made from long-lasting materials resistant to rust, corrosion, or cracking, which can ensure long-term use. The 304 stainless steel construction can withstand marine uses and wet weather without damaging.

In addition, this latch has a 15 lbs pull force, one of the most substantial latches on the list which offers prime functions.

 Heads-up:  However, there are some concerns about this product, such as shipment delays or missing pieces. Another concern is that the adhesive will wear out over time, so using the adhesive alone may not be a probable option if you want it to lastme.

  • Easy setup with the single magnet mount
  • Simple installation with magnet mount and adhesive strips
  • Resists rust, corrosion, or cracking
  • 304 stainless steel construction can withstand marine uses and wet weather
  • Thin design with a strong 15 lbs pull force
  • Issues in shipment
  • Adhesive wears out over time
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I still think it’s a great cabinet latch option since it has many outstanding features. In addition, the shipment issues are minimal, and Jiayi offers excellent customer service to solve any problem.

5. ABA RV Push to Close Latch

ABA brings a great option when it comes to campervan drawer latches. The RV Push to Close Latch is a guaranteed good deal that can keep your things in place, even when in transit.

This product comes with complete inclusions, which are the grabber catch and screws. I love how I don’t need to buy anything separately, and once I receive the product, I can start installing it immediately. Just make sure to keep your screwdriver in hand.

This appears to be a latch that I can use for the long run. It’s made from ABS material, which guarantees that my latch won’t break easily and can stand the test of time.

I don’t even need to spend a lot of money on this latch since it comes as a 4-pack deal. This means you wouldn’t need to sacrifice quality for the price and that you’ll have a top-notch functioning latch with 10 lbs pull force for your RV cabinets and drawers.

 Heads-up:  Most latches that come with complete mount hardware have brittle and short screws that may easily break. Unfortunately, it’s a prevalent problem, so we should make sure to have a few spare screws on and when it’s time to install our latches.

  • Better 4-pack deal value for people with a limited budget
  • Comes with complete hardware for easier installation
  • Made from long-lasting ABS material
  • Firm latch function with 10 lbs pull force
  • The screws that came with it are brittle
 Bottom Line:  Generally, I would consider this latch a great option for buyers trying to save money without sacrificing quality. The only disadvantage can easily be overturned for as long as we have a few screws handy.

6. Omitfu Roller Ball Catch Set

Among reliable drawer latches for RV is this roller catch from Omitfu. It has a reputation for providing only the best quality function for any of our RV cabinets or drawers.

What I love about this catch is that I can easily adjust its tension load whenever I want. In addition, it can hold up to 10 lbs of pull force which is not bad for keeping your things in place inside your storage.

Made with solid brass and chromium-plated, this set allows us to have the luxury of not worrying about our cabinets opening while traveling because of the quality and longevity of this catch. Since it’s made out of the finest materials, rest assured that it will serve its purpose for a very long time.

Another thing I liked about this catch is that we can use it for any type of drawer or cabinet. It can even be used for something else rather than your RV cabinets, such as kitchen cupboards and bedroom closets.

 Heads-up:  No catch is perfect, and that includes this product. I am not so fond of the screws included in the package as they are somewhat frail and hard to align, making it complicated to install.

  • Tension can be adjusted to carry the load
  • Ball catch is made out of the finest materials.
  • Versatile applications for cabinets
  • Guaranteed to last long with solid brass and chromium-plated
  • Included screws are frail
 Bottom Line:  I would recommend this product to people who are a bit knowledgeable about installment procedures since they would have the patience to do the process. But all in all, I can still consider this catch a great option even with its disadvantages.

7. Eurizen Cabinet Push Latch

This camper concealed positive cabinet latch type is a fantastic option for RV owners looking for a sturdy latch to keep their cabinets closed. However, users with an RV cabinet latch that keeps on breaking can replace it immediately with the Eurizen Cabinet Push Latch.

This product is made from high-impact ABS material sturdy when installed and can surely do the job right with 8 lbs pull force. It even includes the screw on the package deal for more uncomplicated installments once received.

Many RV owners experience the struggle to replace broken latch, but luckily, this product fits right on the OEM, so I don’t need to drill in new holes and add more damage to the cabinet door.

Another great feature of this latch is that it comes with a two-year free replacement warranty, so if all of our latches break within the first two years, we can easily have them replaced with no additional charges.

I was just a bit disappointed to hear that this latch wears off faster compared to other products because of its plastic frame. The best it can do is up to two years of high-quality function, which may mean that we need to replace it again after that.

 Heads-up:  I’ve figured out that to make sure that it doesn’t deteriorate faster, you can have the option to use two latches per cabinet door.

  • Great RV OEM replacement
  • Sturdy and long-lasting with 8 lbs pull force
  • Complete with screws for easy installment
  • Comes with a 2-year free replacement warranty
  • It has a plastic frame
 Bottom Line:  Hands down, I think that this latch is a worth it product to risk. We can get high-quality functions for up to two years max, and honestly, that already is a long time.

8. OCGIG Push Button Cabinet Door Catch Lock

Next, let me review another RV push-button cabinet latch I’ve found, a fantastic 10-pack deal from OCGIG. This latch is great for RV owners looking for several push-button locks for an affordable price.

The OCGIG Push Button Cabinet Door Catch Lock is just the right size for any light-loaded cabinet or drawer. People who try to replace old latches won’t need to worry about this one since it fits into the OEM.

Since it comes as a pack of ten, it can easily be considered an excellent deal for such a low price compared to other latches. It even comes with the screws for installation and spare lock caps if it breaks.

Another feature that I liked about this product is that it is very convenient to use for anyone. Since it’s a push-button latch, I just need to push the button to lock and unlock it, simple as that.

 Heads-up:  Yet, this latch can be a bit tricky to install right. We would need a lot of patience for the installation process and check on it from time to time to ensure it can stay closed with whatever load a cabinet has.

  • Ideal size for any light-loaded cabinet or drawer
  • Fits well as an OEM Replacement
  • The 10-pack deal is affordable
  • Comes with spare lock caps and screws
  • Simple operation with a push-button latch
  • Not suitable for heavy content.
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I can say that this cabinet latch is a good option for RV owners to consider. With an affordable 10-pack deal and additional spare items to lessen one’s costs, it is a great product to keep items safe from falling out when an RV is moving.

9. Alliance Premium Quality Grabber Catches

Alliance is back with fantastic camper drawer latches to keep your RV drawers closed, especially when traveling on bumpy roads. This heavy-duty Grabber Catch can manage and keep all of our cabinet doors closed with its impressive 10 lbs pull force.

Most of the latches in this list only need to be screwed in place, and this product is no exception. It’s a great plus that the screws already come with the package that makes installment an easy process.

Furthermore, this lock comes with catches that can keep the installed door closed. Thus, it allows us to avoid unintentional openning action that affects our privacy.

I consider it a high-functioning latch that isn’t too hard on the budget. Moreover, with the correct installment, it can also last longer, so there is no need to worry about replacing it after a couple of months.

 Heads-up:  The only downside of this package deal is that the screws included are not suitable for long-term use. Some may break while you’re tightening it up, so keep a few screws near when the time comes. It could also be an option to use other screws to ensure that it stays screwed for a long time.

  • Heavy-duty latch with 10 lbs pull force
  • Easy installment with screws
  • Convenient catches to keep the door in the closing potion for privacy
  • Inexpensive 4-pack deal
  • A high-quality function that can last long
  • The screws need to be handled with care.
 Bottom Line:  I think that it’s worth a shot to use this latch for our RV drawers and cabinets. They can carry 10 lbs of pull force and four latches in one for such a low price.

10. Mousike Magnetic Door Catch

The Mousike Magnetic Door Catch is one of the best magnetic motorhome drawer catches I’ve tried.

I see no reason why this product won’t stand the test of time or more than a year in your RV. It’s made of stainless steel, which means it’ll last a long time and withstand harsh conditions. This product is durable and can last you a long time with top-notch quality.

It’s incredible to think about how much you’re getting for such a small price. I mean, you can have 30 lbs of pull force on a 6-pack deal that can even last longer than standard latches. It’s also easy to open for any adult while children and older people may have a bit of difficulty.

This product is also very much worth it because you can have a 6-pack RV drawer latch for such a low price. It even comes with all the screws you need to install this device.

 Heads-up:  I love this RV drawer latch. However, you need to note some installation requirements like predrilling holes for your screws for them to hold. Make sure that your predrilled holes are placed where they should be to avoid any takes.

  • Impressive 30 lbs pull force
  • Screws are already included in the 6-pack deal
  • Made from premium stainless steel that ensures longevity
  • Easy to open by adults, not by small kids
  • It would be best if you pre-drilled holes into your cabinet when installing.
 Bottom Line:  This is a fantastic latch with simple features that could get the job done. I can attest to this one’s function that there won’t be any cabinets opening in the middle of the travels once it’s in place.

11. Fafeicy Drawer Latch RV

I have found an amazing replacement for vintage RV cabinet latches with the new and affordable Fafeicy Drawer Latch RV. It has a sleek design and versatile use that RV owners will love.

First up, I adored this versatile product for any RV cabinets or drawers. RV owners will also appreciate that this product includes dependable screws, which will make installation somewhat smoother. This package deal also consists of three latch pieces, making it a more cost-practical choice.

This product is a highly flexible alternative in a variety of circumstances. Rig owners will find this product very useful due to it’s all-around use for different cabinet doors or drawers. Because it is a push-button, it provides a more convenient experience for users. Buyers do not require complicated functions or a perplexing installation process.

 Heads-up:  They are not, however, suitable for RV owners with kids. For most toddlers, the push-button structure is easy to grasp. In other words, our children may find it very easy to open and close the cabinets. This simply wouldn’t do, especially if they accidentally open it while we’re on the road, as it may cause a few accidents.

  • Complete inclusions for simple installment
  • Easy to use with just a push of a button
  • Works perfectly and can keep your drawers and cabinets closed.
  • Versatile product, ideal for any wardrobe, cabinet, or drawer.
  • Not a great option for rig owners that have children.
 Bottom Line:  This product, for me, is a good choice for RV owners who don’t have kids or traveling solo. We won’t need to worry about accidentally leaving it unlocked and let our things be trashed around the inside of your RV.

What to Look for When Buying RV Drawer Latches


There might be many things involved in our selection process so we can make the right decision. They will benefit us in the long term when we know exactly what we need. It is to avoid buyers’ remorse as we get latches that are not safe or too expensive or simply do not fit. So, when choosing a drawer latch for your RV, it’s essential to take note of the following factors:

  • Latch Strength

You need to know how much load and stress the latch can carry so that you can choose the right one for your RV. Consider the content of your drawers because if your drawer is filled with pans and pots, you may need a heavier duty latch. Assess if the things inside your drawer can put a lot of force on the drawer’s door and push it open.

  • Installation

You must get a latch that does not take too long and doesn’t need much effort to install. Also, make sure that you don’t need to drill it in as it may damage your cabinets.

  • Color and Style

When choosing RV cabinet door locks, you can have the option to select one for aesthetic purposes. For example, you may want to match your cabinet locks with your cabinets and interior color. On the other hand, it may look weird to get a lock that doesn’t match your RV’s interior design.

  • Price tag

One thing you should look for is the price tag. See if it’s reasonable enough for all the right qualities you need. Like any product you buy, make sure that you get the best quality for your pay. Latches are pretty expensive when bought in bulk, so make sure to get a good deal out of it.

  • Compatibility

It’s essential to choose the right RV cabinet door latches compatible with whatever type of cabinet you have. Cabinet doors are either offset or inset, so you should know which one is yours. An offset type is where a drawer extends off the frame, while an inset type is when a drawer fits right on the shelf.

  • Versatility

Some RV owners choose a drawer latch that can be used for many things inside the rig, like microwaves. A multipurpose drawer latch can be pretty helpful if you have a lot of stuff inside your RV.

  • Manual or Automatic

Another thing you should consider when buying RV cabinet locks is its function. For example, some locks function automatically while others need to be manually latched, ensuring that you always check them before driving.

How Do You Keep RV Drawers Closed While Driving


The process on how to keep RV drawers closed while driving is an easy feat to do, especially if you have reliable drawer latches to seal them tight. You just need to set them up well and install them in the right places to ensure that your drawers stay closed even when driving on bumpy roads.

How Do You Install Latches on RV Cabinets

You may think that the process on how to install RV drawer latches is complicated, but it’s not. Installing latches is a pretty straightforward process using a screwdriver, electric drill, pencil, and a tape measure.

The first thing to do is make sure that both parts are aligned whenever you close the door and mark it with a pencil. Next, make small holes in the marked area using the electric drill, then screw in your latch with the screwdriver. After that, you just need to ensure that your latch works and you’re all done. Piece of cake!

If there are some problems on the latch, like it’s too hard or too easy to open, you just need to make a minor adjustment on your holes and screws, and it will be good to go.

How Do I Fix the Latch on My RV Drawer

No matter how careful you are, you will eventually experience having a broken latch due to overuse or wear and tear. If your RV drawer latches keep breaking, maybe it’s time for you to remove the old one and replace it.

Start by unscrewing the broken latch off of your drawers. Hold your new latch and make sure that it fits right into the previous holes. If not, mark it with a pencil and drill in some new spots. Line it up and check if they work correctly.

Finally, take your RV out for a test drive to ensure that everything is secured in place—no more worrying about broken latches and things that scatter once you drive your RV.


Finding a drawer latch for your RV is now made easier after seeing the best RV drawer latches on the market, as well as reading all that you need to know about drawer latches.

It may still be a challenge for some because of the wide variety of options to choose from, but at least you can cut down your chance to two to three latches. Ensure that you choose wisely as the safety of your rig and everything inside it depends on the choices you make.

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