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The Best RV Fender Skirts for Your Motorhome & Camper Trailer

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best rv fender skirts

Most RVs tend to have a functional design. But it doesn’t mean you can’t add extra flair and functionality to your motorhome or travel trailer. One good place to start is by using the best RV fender skirts.

RV fenders are ideal for enhancing the overall aesthetics of the vehicle. Also, these accessories help reduce drag, increase fuel efficiency, and lower maintenance costs.

However, what are the best travel trailer fender skirts on the market? What should you consider before buying camper fenders? Also, how do you install travel trailer fenders? Find out the answers as you continue reading the article.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

RecPro M11FSP69BGY-2


Editor’s Pick

ICON 1424


Most Durable

RecPro M11FSP69BBL-2


Best RV Fender Skirt Reviews

1. RecPro M11FSP69BGY-2 Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt

I came across this product while looking for an excellent RV fender skirt replacement. Buying this model is one of the best decisions I made for my camper.

This travel trailer fender skirt has a flexible yet sturdy ABS hard plastic construction. It has a premium feel to it. And it can protect the underside of my camper from rocks, debris, and other objects that may promote damage to the vehicle.

Further, the manufacturer created this product with neutral color tones. It’s available in black, gray, tan, and white, all of which should not clash with the conventional RV design. I chose the gray model to install on a 2013 Palomino Puma Unleashed, and the accent design does not hurt the eyes.

However, some customers might not like the available colors or perhaps they have a motorhome with a distinct appearance. If so, I can tell you that the hard plastic material is paintable for a customized look.

Moving forward, installation is suitably easy. But I should mention that the holes do not come pre-drilled. Therefore, I needed to drill the holes before I was able to install it on the RV.

 Heads-up:  As for its compatibility, its size can fit a broad range of RVs and motorhomes. But the 69-1/2 x 9-inch dimensions might not fit every travel or tandem trailer.

  • Flexible yet rugged ABS hard plastic build
  • Available in neutral colors: black, gray, tan, and white
  • Owners can paint the fender skirt for a customized look
  • Dimensions allow for sufficient compatibility with many travel trailers
  • Holes do not come pre-drilled
  • Might not fit some RVs and motorhomes
 Bottom Line:  This product is one of the best camper fender skirts that money can buy. Its sturdiness is reasonable without sacrificing flexibility significantly. Plus, customers can paint the exteriors for a customized look.

2. ICON 1424 Jayco Tandem Fender Skirt

Buying RV fender flares can be annoying, especially when compatibility is the main concern. Thankfully, many ICON fender skirts, particularly this model, can fit different motorhomes.

The 65-5/8 x 10-1/4-inch dimensions can fit different RVs. In my tests, it fit trailers from brands like Eagle, Jay Flight G2, Qwest, and Designer. Although the compatibility is fairly great, it did not fit some motorhomes, like a 1980 Prowler.

The molded high-impact ABS plastic also does a great job in protecting the underside of RVs. It has a scuff-resistant exterior that enhances the longevity of the product. Light scratches from small twigs and debris offer little to no visible damage to this product’s looks.

Furthermore, the plastic does not seem to melt or flex significantly when exposed to the hot sun for extended periods.

Additionally, the white color does not clash with different RV colors and painted graphics. It has a neutral tone, making it reasonably pleasing to look at while installed.

 Heads-up:  Also, this product has a reasonable price point. Although, I would prefer it came with two pieces instead of one. Still, buying two of these fender skirts has a price point that is slightly lesser than many other models on the market.

  • Dimensions fit a broad range of RVs, including those from Eagle and Qwest
  • High-impact ABS plastic protects the underside of vehicles
  • Scuff-resistant exterior improves product longevity
  • White color does not clash with different RV colors and graphics
  • Reasonably-priced option
  • Might not fit some motorhomes, such as the 1980 Prowler
 Bottom Line:  If you have an RV from Eagle, Qwest, Designer, or other compatible travel trailers, this fender skirt is the one for you. Its visually aesthetic appeal, sturdy construction, and reasonable price tag make this product a must-have.

3. RecPro M11FSP69BBL-2 Tandem Trailer Fender Skirts

These models are ideal replacements for sun-faded fender skirts, particularly those for Heartland trailers. These Heartland fender skirts have UV-protected exteriors, making them almost impervious to sun damage.

However, if these skirts crack (which I assume might take years), I can paint over cracked areas to make these items look new. Being able to paint the hard ABS plastic construction can be a bonus for some users, especially for RVs with unique design elements.

Speaking of the design, these RV fender skirts are slightly thinner than other models I encountered. It does make the products slightly less durable, but this trait also means enhanced air drag reduction. Therefore, these products help improve fuel efficiency better than thicker models.

I should also mention that these fender skirts can fit many RVs and motorhomes. However, their designs tend to fit best for dual axle vehicles. It might still fit some single-wheeled travel trailers, but the fit might not be as snug.

 Heads-up:  Still, it can be quite difficult to complain about these fender skirts after seeing the price. The costs of buying a pair of these skirts are lesser than many competing products.

  • UV-protected exterior prevents cracking from sun damage
  • Paintable exteriors to match RV designs
  • Streamlined appearance to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency
  • Compatible for many dual axle RVs and motorhomes
  • Fairly low price tag for a pair of travel trailer fender skirts
  • Might not fit single-wheeled RVs well
 Bottom Line:  This pair of fender skirts for dual-wheeled RVs are excellent replacements for old, craggy-looking models. If you have a dual axle travel trailer, and you are looking for a pair of skirts that will not hurt your budget significantly, put these products at the top of your next shopping list.

4. ICON 01776 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

Good things come in little packages, especially when looking at this tandem axle fender skirt. Although it has a durable high-impact ABS plastic construction, the included set of screws are the real winners for this product.

First, I would like to commend the manufacturer for including the screws in the package. It might seem like a simple act, but many fender skirts on the market do not come with screws, causing me to take an extra trip to the hardware store.

Additionally, the manufacturer color-matched the screws with the rest of the fender skirt. In turn, it creates a unified, seamless, visually appealing look, ideal for RV owners like me that takes motorhome aesthetics in high regard.

But the screws are not the only items in the package that need praise. As mentioned previously, the fender skirt has a durable construction. In my experience, it can take more than airborne rocks and twigs to put a dent or scratch on it.

Compatibility is also fairly sufficient. I was able to fit this tandem fender skirt on motorhomes like the 2007 Puma 5th wheel. Plus, it is possible to trim the fender if it is too large for certain RVs.

 Heads-up:  But I should mention that the package only comes with one fender skirt. Therefore, the costs can increase significantly if interested buyers want to buy two or even four.

  • The package includes color-matched screws
  • Durable high-impact hard ABS plastic construction
  • Compatible with many tandem travel trailers and fifth-wheel vehicles
  • Owners can trim the dimensions if it is too large
  • Quite expensive for only one fender skirt
 Bottom Line:  This product is one of the best fifth wheel fender skirts I came across. If you have the extra cash to spend, do not miss out on buying this product.

5. ENIXWILL C180 Universal Tandem RV Fender Skirt

Sometimes tandem RV fender skirts do not need many bells and whistles to have praiseworthy features and characteristics. Such is the case for this product.

At first glance, this fender skirt has an unobtrusive design. Its streamlined yet straightforward appearance makes it possible to fit in most dual axle RVs and travel trailers.

Still, it might not fit some dual-wheeled motorhomes. Interested buyers can save themselves the trouble of buying the wrong product by measuring their fender skirt requirements first before finalizing the purchase.

Like its design, installation is also sufficiently straightforward. Gratefully, the product comes with pre-drilled holes, unlike other models on the market as I still have to drill holes in them.

I should mention that this product only comes in one color: black. Although black generally goes well with relatively any color combination, some users might not be too keen on this color choice. However, the hard plastic material should still retain its durability if users decide to paint over this product’s exteriors.

 Heads-up:  The ABS plastic construction is also reasonably sturdy. Driving my tandem trailer with this fender skirt installed gives me peace of mind, knowing that it can protect the RV’s tires and wheels from potential harm.

  • Top-notch compatibility makes it possible to fit in most dual axle RVs
  • Sufficiently straightforward install process, thanks to pre-drilled holes
  • Black color can go well with many RV colors and designs
  • Possible to paint on the material to color match motorhomes
  • Reasonably sturdy ABS plastic construction
  • Might not fit some dual-wheeled motorhomes
  • Some users might not be too keen on the black color
 Bottom Line:  With its unobtrusive design, straightforward physical attributes, and high compatibility with many tandem RVs, this product is a must-buy for many dual-wheeled motorhome owners.

6. Alpha Systems M11FSP69W-2 Tandem Trailer Fender Skirts

This is another product that many tandem RV owners should not miss out on. Despite its seemingly standard appearance, it offers more value than many competing products on the market.

First, I like that this fender skirt has a UV-protected exterior. It did not crack or fade, even after leaving it outdoors for extended periods. The durability also stayed the same, ensuring me that this model could last for years.

Speaking of its sturdiness, the high-impact ABS plastic construction is nothing to laugh at. The rugged plastic material can withstand rocks, twigs, and other objects that might come flying at its way.

The excellent build quality matches its high-quality looks as the white color does not clash with many RV graphics. This design choice blends well with many motorhome designs, offering a unified and visually appealing look.

 Heads-up:  Installation is reasonable, although I did run into some minor hiccups during the mounting process. For instance, the alignment of the pre-drilled screw holes did not match the ones on my tandem RV. Therefore, I had to do some modifications to make sure the holes on the fender skirt match those on the vehicle.

  • UV-protected exterior does not crack or fade after long-term outdoor exposure
  • Rugged high-impact ABS plastic construction
  • White color matches with many motorhome designs
  • Installation is fairly easy
  • Might need some DIY work to match the alignment of the pre-drilled holes
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I am quite satisfied with this product. It has a fantastic look and its ruggedness is one of the best I encountered in a tandem trailer fender skirt. If you are looking for a top-notch fender skirt for your tandem travel trailer, do not think twice about buying this product.

7. ICON 01466 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

This tandem axle fender skirt is an ideal replacement for compatible motorhomes, and compatibility is one of its strongest traits.

I was able to fit this fender skirt in different tandem axle RVs, particularly those from Keystone. Fitting this fender skirt on tandem trailers like the Keystone Cougar, Cougar X-Lite, and Cougar SRX posed little to no problem. I was even able to fit this skirt on a 1999 Alpenline 5th Wheel vehicle.

As for the installation procedure, it is fairly easy to accomplish. Thankfully, it did not take me an entire afternoon to finish. However, I ran into a slight issue with two of the included screws. The screws in question have an awkward angle. Thankfully, a quick trip to the hardware store can remedy this situation.

Next, the high-quality ABS plastic construction comes with a textured finish. This rugged exterior improves the sturdiness of the product so that it can withstand things, such as stones and bugs that would otherwise harm the material when driving at fast speeds.

 Heads-up:  However, I noticed that the construction of this fender skirt is slightly thinner than other similar products. This property helps reduce the item’s overall weight, making it easy to lift while mounting. But it also gives me a slight worry, knowing that it might not last as long as thicker variants.

  • First-rate compatibility makes it possible to mount on different tandem trailers
  • Fairly easy installation process
  • High-quality ABS plastic construction with a textured finish
  • Lightweight model makes it easy to lift when mounting
  • Some of the included screws might have awkward angles
  • Slightly thinner construction than other similar options
 Bottom Line:  I highly recommend using this tandem axle fender skirt for its easy install procedure and high-quality construction. With its top-notch features and properties, it is difficult not to buy this product once you see it in a store.

8. RecPro RP-1178-BK RV Tandem Fender Skirt

After spending time with this RV tandem fender skirt, it is quite difficult to find faults in this product.

Perhaps the only downside I can find on this first-rate fender skirt is its color. Do not get me wrong as I like the premium black finish. But I feel that some RV owners might not be too keen on this choice of color.

Thankfully, it is possible to paint this product to help its design match unique motorhome designs. Interested users can use solvent-based paint to achieve this objective.

While on the topic of its ABS plastic construction, it has top-class durability. In my testing, driving with this fender skirt while bumping into relatively small to medium objects did not cause dents and dings on the material.

The skirt’s appearance also has flared ends and curved legs, and these physical attributes are quite rare to see in other competing products. These features make sure that the skirt stays in place, even when driving on rocky or off-road terrain.

 Heads-up:  Additionally, this unique design choice makes the fender skirt more aerodynamic than many other options. Thus, I can enjoy slightly better fuel efficiency with this product mounted on my RV.

  • Premium black finish
  • High-quality ABS plastic is durable and can be painted over
  • Flared ends and curved legs ensure the skirt stays in place
  • Aerodynamic design improves fuel efficiency
  • Some folks might not like the black color
 Bottom Line:  Ultimately, this product is worth every penny. It has a premium look and a first-rate ruggedness that can outmatch many tandem fender skirts. Plus, you cannot go wrong with its uniquely designed ends and legs that provide peace of mind during road trips. If you see this item in a store, do not hesitate to buy it for your dual-axle RV.

9. ICON 01539 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

I was looking around the market to replace an old fender skirt on a tandem trailer and came across this product. This polar white skirt was the product I needed to enhance the look of that camper.

Aside from its eye-catchy appearance, this model’s durability is quite outstanding. I bought this product over a year ago, and it still looks like I bought it yesterday. Of course, proper care and maintenance helped maintain its pristine looks.

But I have been traveling a lot on the tandem trailer as of late and this skirt has been at the forefront of different weather, including sun and rain. The harsh weather exposure seemed to do little damage to ruin this skirt’s sturdiness.

Also, installing this unit onto the tandem trailer is a joy. The process was easy and fast as I was able to do it quickly. Further, I encountered no problems in mounting the device to the vehicle.

 Heads-up:  Although the mounting is reasonably straightforward, I still had to do some DIY work on this fender skirt. It is because the product does not come with pre-drilled holes. It is a slight shortcoming, but this minor concern does not break the product’s overall excellent value.

  • Polar white color improves a tandem trailer’s appearance
  • Outstanding durability maintains pristine looks with proper maintenance
  • Rugged construction prevents significant damage from harsh weather
  • Reasonably easy mounting process
  • Product does not come with pre-drilled holes
 Bottom Line:  You cannot go wrong with this tandem axle fender skirt. It might require additional effort to drill the holes, but you will not have to worry about anything else from this model after doing that task. Once mounted, its high-quality durability can protect your tandem trailer’s tires for years.

10. RecPro RP-1179 RV Tandem Fender Skirt

Some fender skirts can fit many tandem trailers, but this specific model works best when mounted on specific RVs. Specifically, its 68-1/2 x 10-½-inch dimensions snugly fit motorhomes like the 2020 Grand Design Imagine Camper 2600RB or the 2018 Grand Design 2250RK.

Despite the lack of compatibility, this model is a rugged beast that can withstand different types of harm that come its way. In my experience, the hard ABS plastic can even withstand being in contact with chemicals like harsh RV cleaners.

Plus, the textured surface is fairly resistant against dings and dents. I drove past some areas with trees and bushes, and this product maintained its premium looks.

Next, I would like to make a special mention of its design. Its flared ends and curved mounting legs are present on a select few models on the market. Furthermore, some of the similarly designed fender skirts come from the same brand. Still, these features will always put a smile on my face, knowing that they will secure the fender to the camper.

Finally, all of these first-rate features are in a reasonably-priced product. To say that I had a surprised look on my face upon seeing its price tag is an understatement.

 Heads-up:  However, I would prefer if this product had more color options. Black is an excellent color for an RV fender skirt, but it would give me and other interested customers more options to select.

  • Tends to fit and work the best on specific RVs, like the Grand Design campers
  • Hard ABS plastic can withstand harsh chemicals and cleaners
  • Textured surface is resistant to dings and dents
  • Flared ends and curved mounting legs secure the skirt to the tandem trailer
  • Reasonably-priced product with first-rate features
  • Might need more color options
 Bottom Line:  Despite the lack of extra color options, this product is one of the best RV fender skirts on the market. It is a wise decision to put this model at the top of your next shopping list.

11. ICON 01632 Tandem Axle Fender Skirt

Like some fender skirts already mentioned, this fender skirt works best when attached to specific RVs. In this case, this model fits and functions the best with Keystone campers.

Even though it lacks well-rounded compatibility, it makes up for this slight shortcoming with other excellent features. For instance, it has a top-notch build quality that is on par or perhaps even greater than some of the best tandem wheel fender skirts.

This build quality does come with an expensive price. Therefore, buying more than one piece might hurt wallets, especially for interested buyers with tight budgets.

Still, you can sense that the manufacturer placed importance on this product’s luxurious construction and looks. The metallic bronze material is unlike many other components used in many fender skirts. After all, the market has plenty of ABS plastic RV fender skirts available.

But this bronze construction also means a sturdier than average finish. I used this fender for months and I could not find significant signs of scratches or brittleness.

 Heads-up:  Additionally, I found that this bronze fender skirt for tandem axle trailers can withstand many weather conditions. Leaving my camper outdoors for extended periods seems to do little to no damage to the product’s ruggedness and looks.

  • Works and fits the best with Keystone tandem campers
  • Metallic bronze material promotes a premium appearance
  • Construction is sturdier, and it is scratch-resistant
  • Material has high resistance to different weather
  • Might not fit many motorhomes
  • More expensive than many fender skirts
 Bottom Line:  Although this product can break banks, especially when bought as a set, it is one of the most durable and luxurious-looking tandem fender skirts available. Your hard-earned money will not go to waste if you spend it on purchasing this product.

12. Threemom Aua-948 Tandem Trailer Fender Skirt

The last item on this list, but not the least, is this seemingly standard-looking fender skirt. But do not let its superficially plain looks because it has more to offer than what is seen on the surface. Still, its conventional appearance might appease some interested buyers that do not want extravagant-looking fender skirts.

This white fender skirt for tandem trailers has a skin-patterned texture. This design choice is like an acquired taste, but this trait grows on me the more I look at it.

Additionally, the ABS plastic material is sufficiently durable. I found that it can withstand dings and dents. Further, the textured finish also helps prevent scratches. With these properties working together, this model can stay on my tandem trailer for months to come.

Plus, the package comes with two fender skirts instead of one. Therefore, this kit is a more economical choice than many of the single unit choices available.

 Heads-up:  However, it does share a similar issue with some models and that is the lack of pre-drilled holes. I would prefer mounting this fender skirt the minute I take it out of its packaging. Still, I cannot gripe too much over this one task as I do not need to do it again for this product.

  • Plain white color can appease RV owners that want conventional-looking skirts
  • Tough ABS plastic construction can withstand dings and dents
  • Skin-patterned texture helps prevent scratches
  • Package comes with two skirts instead of one
  • Might require buyers to drill the holes
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this fender skirt for tandem RVs is an ideal choice for individuals shopping for conventional-looking camper tire protectors. Consider adding this product to your shopping cart the next time you see it in a store.

What to Know Before Buying RV Fender Skirts


Buying RV fender skirts can be a tricky business. Pick the wrong model, and you can either (a) return the product to its manufacturer if it is possible or (b) regret your decision to purchase the skirt without considering the essential elements. So here are the important things to consider before you pull money out of your wallet to buy fender skirts for travel trailers.

  • Size

Perhaps the most important component when shopping for fender skirts for campers and motorhomes is the size. It would not matter if you bought the most beautiful fender skirt on the market if it does not fit your vehicle.

If you still have the original fender skirts from your RV, this process can be easy for you. First, confirm the style of the skirt; the majority of skirt designs largely depend on the vehicle you have. In other words, RV fender skirts tend to fall into three major categories: single axle, tandem axle, and triple axle.

After establishing the fender skirt design you need, take note of the brand of the vehicle. Some skirts do not fit certain RVs. For example, some Forest River RV fender skirts might fit Palomino Puma motorhomes. On the other hand, a Palomino Puma fender skirt might not fit a Forest River camper.

Next, measure your old fender skirt using an appropriate measuring device like steel tape. If you do not want to bring the skirt to the store, make a diagram or take a picture of it and label the measurements.

Finally, show the dimensions to the RV’s maker or a trusted retailer that sells high-quality fender skirts.

  • Design

The appearance of a fender skirt is just as important as its dimensions. Installing a skirt that does not match the color of the vehicle will stick out like a sore thumb.

One way to make sure that the fender skirt’s color matches your RV is to place the picture next to your vehicle. Save the image to your smartphone and hold the image near your travel trailer. This way, you can judge if the color goes well with the vehicle’s current design.

Next, take a look at the skirt’s molding; some models are more aerodynamic than others. The aerodynamic design helps reduce air drag, which can improve overall fuel efficiency.

Also, consider buying fender skirts for travel trailers that you can paint. Thus, if the original paint job cracks because of constant use or sun damage, you can paint over the damaged parts to make the product look like you bought it recently.

  • Construction

Most RV fender skirts have hard plastic constructions. This material offers sufficient durability without raising the costs significantly. Additionally, many plastic fender skirts have UV-protective traits, improving the overall value of the product through enhanced longevity.

It is also possible to find aluminum RV fender skirts. Aluminum tends to be more durable and has more heat-resistant qualities than plastic. On the downside, aluminum trailer fender skirts are generally more expensive options.

  • Price

Remember that the fender skirt you plan on buying should not exceed your spending allowance. Going over your budget might mean you have to sacrifice some cash for other important expenses and investments.

Resist the urge to buy expensive skirts for your RV if you find it difficult to spend the extra cash. Instead, opt for a decently-priced model that can still give you above-average value from the purchase.

  • Used or Unused

Most retailers of RV accessories sell new or unused fender skirts for campers and travel trailers. However, if you are on a tight budget, you can choose to buy used RV fender skirts.

If you plan on purchasing second-hand fender skirts for your motorhome, make sure that the product is still in fairly good shape. Avoid buying fender skirts, or any item in general, that looks beat up or irreparable.

Both used and unused RV fender skirts are available throughout the USA and Canada. But make sure to take the time to research about the item to avoid regret.

The Different Types of RV Fender Skirts

As mentioned previously, most fender skirts for travel trailers can be placed into three different design classifications: single, dual, and triple-axle models. Here, take a deeper dive into why certain fender skirts only fit specific RVs.

  • Single Axle Fender Skirts

A single axle or single-wheel travel trailer is an ideal choice for individuals instead of groups. The dimensions of this vehicle aren’t massive, allowing for better wiggle room in parking spaces.

Single axle RV fender skirts are also smaller than their dual or triple counterparts. This more compact construction can make the item cheaper than larger models.

  • Dual Axle Fender Skirts

Also called tandem fender skirts, these models fit dual-wheeled motorhomes or tandem trailers, hence the name. This product is larger than the single axle model, allowing the RV wheel well trim to provide extra protection to the vehicle’s dual wheels.

Searching for the right dual axle models online requires the right keywords. For example, consider using ‘Forest River tandem fender skirt’ as a key phrase if you need a product to protect the wheels and underside of a Forest River dual axle travel trailer.

  • Triple Axle Fender Skirts

Denoted as the granddaddy of motorhomes due to its size, the triple axle motorhome is like a medium-sized house on wheels. This large size also requires a three-wheeled design to help support the vehicle’s balance and weight. Since this type of camper is in another RV size class, it’s no surprise that it also needs a different design to bring protection to its three-wheeled architecture.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Fender Skirts

RV fender skirts provide numerous benefits and may also contain some drawbacks. Some fender skirts have distinct pros and cons with similar products. However, many models tend to share similar advantages and shortcomings with others.

Here are the common benefits and drawbacks you can find and experience from different RV fender skirts.

The Benefits of RV Fender Skirts

  • Fuel Efficiency

Most RVs and motorhomes have a box-like structure, and this standard design generally doesn’t provide excellent aerodynamics. Adding appropriate fender skirts to these vehicles reduces air drag, enhancing fuel efficiency at the same time.

Think about an RV as a person running; if the individual is running with his or her broad chest resisting incoming airflow, the air pressure would increase the person’s energy requirements to move forward.

However, if the same individual changes his or her position to make himself or herself more aerodynamic, the new style should reduce air drag, allowing that person to become faster.

A similar concept applies to using fender skirts on RVs. These accessories help reduce air resistance by changing the vehicle’s form slightly. This seemingly little change can help reduce the vehicle’s efforts to accelerate and cruise, thereby increasing fuel economy.

  • Wheel Well Protection

As its name implies the wheel well is the location where a vehicle’s wheel sits. This area also connects directly to the vehicle’s underside or undercarriage. A properly fitting wheel can also protect some of the vehicle’s internal mechanisms as it sits in the well.

But what can help protect the wheel? This is where the fender skirt comes into the scene.

A fender skirt for motorhomes helps absorb the impact from incoming debris, which would otherwise deal with potential damage to the wheel. For instance, it can protect the wheel from airborne rocks that might puncture tires.

  • Aesthetics

Proud RV owners are always looking out for their vehicles’ visual appeal. Fender skirts can help enhance the aesthetics of many motorhomes.

This additional detail provides colored accents to strategically-placed locations. Think of these items as small details in a dress; the objects might be small, but the ensemble will not be complete without them. Imagine that dress to be your RV; if it does not have the right fender skirts, the vehicle will look like it is naked.

Make sure to pick the right color and design for your travel trailer. Picking the wrong fender skirt design can clash with the vehicle’s appearance, ruining the overall visual experience.

The Drawbacks of RV Fender Skirts

  • Expensive

Buying RV fender skirts might break banks, especially if you’re buying more than one. The good thing about these objects is you can make them. On the downside, if you want to build DIY RV fender skirts to save cash, you need to build one for each set of wheels on your vehicle.

If you only make one fender skirt for a single wheel or set of wheels on your RV, it might stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore, you need to make at least four if you are planning to go this route. Otherwise, consider allocating enough room in your budget to buy fender skirts with the same design to avoid this visual concern.

  • Flimsy

Thankfully, most RV fender skirts are quite sturdy. But some manufacturers sacrifice some durability for better aerodynamics. This expense might help improve fuel economy. However, you need to be careful when driving your motorhome as going through debris may shorten the life of the skirt.

Who Makes the Best RV Fender Skirts


Several RV fender skirt brands exist. Still, some makers tend to provide better products and services than other companies in the industry. A couple of these noteworthy businesses are ICON and RecPro.


Also known as Icon Technologies Ltd., this privately-held corporation started opening its doors to serve RV owners with its products in 1998. The company takes pride in dedicating its efforts and skills to provide first-class products to its customers. Today, ICON supplies its customers with different products, such as waste holding tanks, air conditioner shrouds, and, of course, fender skirts for motorhomes.


RecPro is a Bristol, Indiana, company located in the heart of Elkhart County. If you are looking for RV accessories in this area, chances are you are going to hear some of the locals mention this brand.

It is because RecPro is not only a business that supplies accessories for motorhome owners. This company deals in providing products in different niches, such as indoor furniture, concession stand tools, and horse trailer parts.

How Do You Install an RV Fender Skirt

Before you install an RV fender skirt, it is important to make sure that the item fits. Also, have the right screws, washers, sealants, and screwdrivers ready. You may also need to use a drill in some cases.

After getting your tools, remove the old fender skirt from your RV safely. Place the old skirt to the side or put it in a place where it will not bother you.

At this point, you might need to drill holes on your new fender skirt. Some models will not have pre-drilled holes so you need to do this extra task before installing it on the vehicle.

After drilling the holes, all that is left is to mount the skirt onto the area where the old one used to be. Make sure the drilled holes match the screw holes on your travel trailer. Install the screws and washers and ensure they have tight seals.

Finally, if the fender skirt you bought is still slightly loose after installation, consider applying a bit of sealant to help keep the accessory in place.

How to Care for And Clean an RV Fender Skirt

Caring and cleaning for an RV fender skirt do not require a degree in rocket science. However, using the wrong cleaning and maintenance methods can damage the material.

On that note, do not use a pressure washer on the fender skirt, especially one that can blast water with extreme force. Instead, use a wet cloth dipped in a small amount of liquid detergent or car shampoo to remove mud marks.

You also might need to use a stronger solution to eliminate stubborn stains. If so, search for reliable RV waxes to help remove these annoying marks.


The best RV fender skirts promote the best value for RV owners with compatible travel trailers. Remember, getting the best experience from these products requires careful planning and research.

However, if you want to follow my advice, opt to buy the RecPro RP-1178-BK RV Tandem Fender Skirt. This product has a luxurious appearance, high-quality construction, and an aerodynamic design. Plus, it has features that ensures the model stays in place throughout road trips.

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