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The Best RV Range Hoods for Your Camper Trailer Kitchen

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best rv range hood

Ask every RV veteran what one of the most critical requirements in mobile living is, they will tell you that it is proper ventilation. Since the RV has limited space, it can confine the smoke and odor coming from cooking. You would want to suffocate from the smell of bacon the whole day. As such, you need to install the best RV range hood.

Yet, getting the best range hood needs consideration over many things. There is a wide selection available for hood vents, and choosing the perfect model can be daunting.

When you are shopping for an RV hood, you need to think about the following essential factors:

  • Price: One important factor that you should consider is the price. RV stove exhaust fans are priced between a hundred to a couple of thousand dollars without including the installation cost. Of course, the larger hoods will cost more than the smaller ones.
  • Ventilation type: The types of RV hood vents will depend on the way it removes the air. You can choose between a vented or vented and the ductless option. The ducted is a more popular choice because it requires low maintenance.
  • Fan Speed: You should also consider the fan speed when buying an RV stove exhaust fan. It should have speed settings to choose from and not be hardwired at one speed alone.

Some units have the essential features that will remove the humidity and odor when cooking. Others have additional features like additional fans that can extract even more odors, smells, and steam. In this review, we will list down the top-rated RV range hoods available in the market today and provide a detailed buying guide. Read on to find out!

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Heng’s RV Range Hood


Editor’s Pick

RecPro 22” Range Hood


Best Value for Money

Heng’s R0423500-C1


Best RV Range Hood Reviews

1. Heng’s Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood

The first RV range hood on our list is the Black Rear Ducted RV Range Hood by Hengs. It has a simple design with premium construction that we can only find in the more expensive models of range hoods.

Like other models from Heng’s, there is a utilitarian feel to this RV range hood vent cover. Due to its simplicity, it can blend well with any decor.

Size-wise, this 20-inch RV range hood exhaust vent is perfect for any RV size. Also, since we have no big kitchen in our RV, we can easily find a space to fit it in the small kitchen. Not only is it narrow, but this range hood exhaust vent is also very compact, at only three inches thick.

It is also moderately priced. But unlike other brands in the same price range, it has different controls for the lights and fans. That means we don’t have to turn the lights on all the time if we don’t need them.

The fan on the RV range hood exhaust vent is powered by a 12V system, while the light only uses a 10-watt bulb. Since we are dealing with electric stuff here, this unit is on the safe side because it requires just the right voltage.

The whole unit is made from durable, heavy-duty sheet metal and coated with a powder black to protect it from corrosion and rust. This also prevents chipping and scratches on the RV stove exhaust fan makes it easier to clean.

 Heads-up:  The only drawback in this product is it only has one fan setting. You don’t have any choices for the fan speed.

  • Just the right size for any RV size
  • Moderately priced
  • Has separate controls for the light and fan
  • Safe to use on a 12V system
  • Corrosion and rust resistant due to its powder black coating
  • It does not have settings for the fan
 Bottom Line:  This Heng’s RV range hood exhaust vent is perfect for RVs because it ensures that the smoke is directed outside the mobile home.

2. RecPro 22” RV Stove Range Hood Vent

This RV range hood vent is more on the expensive side, but the features that come with it are worth every penny.

The RV hood vent has a modern look that can fit any RV kitchen design seamlessly. Its size is perfect for most RVs as the 22-inch size is large enough for most cooktops. It is also more compact at two inches thick.

The RecPro Stove Range Hood Vent has the ideal dimensions for mounting it under the cabinets or on the wall. It will not take much space and will seamlessly blend with the other components in the kitchen.

This range hood operates on a 12V system and uses charcoal filters to filtrate the odor while cooking. It also features separate switches for the light and fan.

The vent on this range hood exhaust vent on its rear and requires punching a narrow hole on the side of the RV during installation. This is not hard, though, and will only take a couple of minutes using a drill.

 Heads-up:  The only drawback of this model is there are no choices for fan speed. Only one speed is available, but this is enough to extract a massive amount of air in the room.

  • Features a modern look for any kitchen design
  • Compact for RVs at 22 inches large and 2 inches thick
  • Ideal for mounting under the cabinets or on the wall
  • A 12V range hood comes with separate switches for light and fan
  • Uses charcoal filters to filtrate the odor
  • Easy to mount and drill for installation
  • Lack of fan speed settings
 Bottom Line:  This RV range hood ticks all the boxes for the RV range hood when it comes to size, power, and design.

3. Heng’s R0423500-C1 Black 12 Volt range hood

Another product from Heng’s that made it on our list is the R0423500-C1 model in black. This unit is a basic range hood vent. It’s the product’s simplicity that many RV owners like about it.

Without the added features, it makes this RV range hood easy to operate. We don’t have to familiarize ourselves with lots of buttons on the panel.

Since its design is straightforward, it is also easy to maintain. All we have to do is wipe it off, remove the metal filter, and put it in the washing machine to clean. There are also no added parts, so cleaning is easy.

It comes with a super quiet axial fan but is powerful enough to suck all the heat and smoke coming from the stovetop and move them away from the interior of the RV. Other features include an enclosed light, integrated easy to clean filters, and the J116 white outlet range hood.

We can fit this little range hood even with a small space. Despite its size, this range hood can keep the interior of the RV cool and remove the cooking smells.

This range hood comes with a Wiring Assist installer. It does not need any modifications or hiring any help in installing the product.

 Heads-up:  The only downside with this RV stove exhaust fan is it comes with an incandescent bulb that consumes more energy and right now, it is very hard to find a replacement. However, you can replace it with an LED bulb.

  • Easy to install and comes with a wire assist installer
  • Small and compact and can fit any standard size range hood slots
  • Easy to operate with separate switches for fan and light
  • Includes an enclosed light, easy-to-clean filters,
  • Features the J116 white outlet range hood
  • Efficient and quiet RV range hood fan
  • Operates on incandescent bulb which consumes more power
 Bottom Line:  The product is ideal for people who are looking for convenient installation and easy maintenance. The black color and clean finish can easily match your kitchen interiors.

4. Air King AV1218 Under Cabinet Range Hood

The Air-King AV1218 model is a fantastic RV stove vent cover replacement for my old and squeaky one. It is a convertible deisgn, which can be converted from ducted to ductless according to different requirements.

This range hood comes in a low profile, sleek contemporary design which can fit even the most compact space. Its stainless steel body has the perfect finish and can render a modern feel to any kitchen in a classy grey color. This Air King range hood exhaust vent is an ideal choice for someone seeking an RV range vent under the cabinet.

As mentioned, one of the highlights of this model is it is convertible. Thus, the product can eliminate grease, fumes, odors, and steam with or without ventilation.

Another exciting feature of this product is its dual-speed blower. We can also adjust the fan speed according to what we need. Its CFM is 18, a little bit less than other range hoods. However, it is just enough for a compact space in most RVs.

 Heads-up:  Also, the unit measures 21-inches wide and is one of the most compact units in the market. It fits perfectly in the small RV kitchen. Plus, it is easy to install this range hood. All I needed was to put an air circulating kit.

  • Compact and sleek contemporary design with grey color
  • Convertible from ducted to ductless and vice versa
  • With different fan settings to accommodate needs
  • Comes with dual-speed blower
  • A compact design measures 21 inches
  • CFM at 18, a little less than usual RV range hoods
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this small RV range hood is efficient and compatible with the space of a compact RV. Furthermore, its convertible design makes it easy to install and operate.

5. Furrion 12V Under-Cabinet Ductless RV Range Hood

This Furrion 12V Under-Cabinet Ductless vent is the next entry in this list of the most impressive range hoods for RV. I can attest to its versatility with modern RVs.

What I adore about this device is its easy cleaning with a replaceable and cleanable charcoal system. Hence, it takes less time, money, and effort to maintain the system. And such a convenient feature indeed benefits RVers like me.

It can ventilate smoke, remove the odor, and provide extra lighting while cooking with the built-in LED lights. These lights illuminate the cooking surface and are brighter than most RV range hoods’ conventional CFL and incandescent bulbs. It is also an energy-efficient bulb and radiates low-level heat for comfortable cooking.

Two technologies are built in this range hood. One is the Climate Smart Technology, and the other is the Vibration Smart technology. The former allows the range hood to operate in every climate condition. The latter can help prevent damage to the metal frame while the RV moves because the range hood can resist the vibrations.

This range hood exhaust vent is built with a 12-V fan with a 100 CFM capacity. It means that is enough for a compact kitchen in the RV. There are separate control buttons for the fan and lights, and the unit measures 23.5 inches long. It is easy to install and comes with mounting hardware and screws.

 Heads-up:  However, I need a replacement for the LED lights after a while since it does not endure frequent use for long.

  • Ductless system compatible with modern RV designs
  • Replaceable and cleanable charcoal filter
  • Built-in LED lights for better illumination while cooking
  • Climate Smart Technology to adopt even during severe weather conditions
  • Vibration Smart Technology to resist vibrations while RV is moving
  • Features a 12-V fan with a 100 CFM capacity
  • The short lifespan of the LED lights.
 Bottom Line:  All in all, this well-made range hood is among my favorite designs that work well with my RV. Its minor drawback should not stop us from enjoying other great features.

6. Broan-NuTone 413023 Ductless Range Hood

Those who are familiar with kitchen products might have encountered this brand Broan-Nutone. It is known for high-quality kitchen products, and its range hood line is one of them. This list of recommended range hoods for your RV will not be complete without them.

The Broan-NuTone is a range hood inserted under the cabinet and will not take much of your kitchen space. It comes in seven different colors, so RVers can choose the one that fits their kitchen theme.

This RV range vent is designed with a bisque hood insert that improves the ventilation with a non-ducted filtration system that effectively removes the odors and smoke. These filters are mesh and deal with unwanted heat and smoke and refresh the kitchen space. These filters are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.

There is a two-way convertible range hood with a four-way convertible like this Broan-NuTone range hood. It means that this range hood can be converted into a horizontal or vertical duct opening, round vertical, and the non-ducted option.

Furthermore, this range hood comes with incandescent lighting with a protective lens on the lamp to distribute the light evenly over the cooking surface. Besides, I enjoy the separate switch control between the light and the two-speed fan.

Also, users can have it hardwired or optional with a power cord kit. It measures 30 inches and should be set up 18 inches above the cooktop.

 Heads-up:  However, its installation process might take a tad longer than usual because the mounting holes are not aligned perfectly.

  • Multiple color options to match your kitchen
  • Easy clean and maintain mesh filters that trap the fumes, odor, and dirt
  • Great features: separate switch control of the light and the two-speed fan
  • Four-way convertible to fit different RV kitchen requirements
  • Comes with incandescent lighting with a protective lens
  • The mounting holes should be better aligned
 Bottom Line:  I drilled the new holes to install this range hood, and it’s well worth my effort with great fan speed and effective removal of fumes and odors.

7. RecPro 22” RV Stove Range Hood Vent

The last RV range hood on our list is the RecPro 22” range hood vent. It is notable that the hood measures 22 inches wide and can fit most cooktops. However, the highlight of its design is the low profile at just about two inches. Hence, this one is the perfect pick for compact RV space.

Furthermore, it eases my worry about the complicated operation with its simple 12-volt system. I just have to plug it in the power source for the range hood to run smoothly. In fact, its fan is so quiet that an early RV range hood fan upgrade is not necessary.

This design also has two switches installed – one for the fan and the other is for the light. The fan has only one fan setting, but it is powerful enough to filter a huge amount of air.

One more perk of this range vent is the two layers of filter: metal and charcoal, and they are easy to access and clean. That means we can easily maintain the sleek stainless steel color of the unit for a long time.

 Heads-up:  The vents are on its rear and will need two narrow holes on the side of our RV to let the steam and odor out. So, you need to spend some time using a coping saw and drill for installation. But it is rather straightforward.

  • Sleek design with a stainless-steel look
  • A low profile range hood measures 22 inches wide for RV space
  • A powerful fan that can absorb large quantities of air
  • Operates with a plug and play wiring system
  • Two fan speeds to choose from
  • Install with a coping saw and drill
 Bottom Line:  The bottom line is, after successful installation, this Recpro RV range hood vent will make sure there is little to no bad odor left after we cook on our RV.

What to Look for When Buying an RV Range Hood


You need to consider a few factors before deciding on what RV range hood to choose. To help you make an educated decision, we have listed down the major factors here.

Available Space

In general, the range hood, whether in the kitchen of your home or RV, should be the same or slightly bigger than the cooktops. This guide is not just for aesthetics but for the range hood to work effectively and get all the smoke and odor.

Since an RV kitchen is relatively small and must have a maximum of 2-3 range, you need to look for smaller under the cabinet range hood. To ensure that you get the right size, measure the space before buying.


Another factor worth noting when choosing the range hood exhaust vent power. It will determine how much air it can circulate in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The general rule of thumb is if you do a lot of cooking and frying, you need a more powerful range hood with multiple vent fans.

For ducted vents, the ideal is 100 CFM per linear foot of the cooktop’s surface if it is mounted on the wall. If you are going for ductless models, you will need something powerful to force the air into the filter.

Noise Level

Range hoods will have a sound when used at the highest setting, even the more expensive options. The only thing to keep in mind is to choose a tolerable noise level or rating. It doesn’t seem to matter for many. After all, a noisy range hood means working hard to remove the fumes from the rest of your RV.

Ventilation Type

You can find two kinds of range hoods based on how it removes the air. The first type is the ducted or vented range hood. It will require some modification on the RV as the vent needs to be installed outside the RV for the fumes and smoke to move out.

It is one of the most popular choices among the best RV range hoods because it requires low maintenance. It is also more effective in removing the kitchen smells.

The second option is the ductless range hood, which does not direct the fumes from the cooktop to the outside of the RV. Instead, the air is sucked into a heavy-duty filter and refreshes before escaping on the other end. Its advantage over the other type is during installation as it does not require further modifications.

Fan Speed

Choosing an RV range hood with different fan speed settings is better and not defaulted on one speed alone. It will allow you to select the pan speed depending on how many cook ranges are open. Some models have two or three fan speeds.

Ease of Installation

Depending on the degree of difficulty installing the range hood, some might need a professional to do them. Try to find the one that is easy to install that you can do yourself. If you find this model, you don’t have to spend extra on installation.

The ducted models are, of course, hard to install. You also need to be careful when working with the delicate RV range hood vent flap. So, in some cases, professional help is required.


You need to set a budget to narrow down your choice for the best possible range hood for your RV. It should not include the installation costs to level the playing field. More expensive options will naturally have all the bells and whistles, while the most affordable will answer your basic requirements.

How you will install the range hood will also affect the price. You should also be aware that the duct system, which will divert the kitchen smells out of the RV, or the ductless system, which relies on filters, will also be a factor for the price.

The options with a duct venting system are usually more expensive, and its installation can be pricey. On the other hand, the ductless ones are less expensive but require more maintenance.

Which Brand of RV Range Hood is Best


Besides, choosing the right brand to purchase the product is important. Other than those recommended above, you should check out the Dometic RV range hood, Greystone RV range hood manual, Jensen RV range hood, etc. Also, in Canada, one of the leading brands is Victory range hood.

How Many CFM Do I Need for an RV Range Hood

The range hood’s power is measured in CFM (cubic feet per minute). In general, a higher CFM means the more powerful range hood has. However, the frequency of use of the stovetops can also impact the CFM requirement. Smaller range hoods, like in RVs, are less powerful than for your conventional kitchen. The ideal CFM for RVs is 100 per linear foot of the range. A 20-inch range hood, for instance, should have 160 CFM at least.

How Do You Install an RV Range Hood

Installation is always a significant factor when buying a new appliance, and the range hood exhaust vent is no exception. When purchasing a range hood, make sure you check the specific instructions that come with the model and brand of the product. Most of them include the wiring and hardware needed to install under the cabinet or on the wall.


Every RV kitchen should have an installed range hood to maintain the quality of air inside. Without a range hood, the smoke, odor, and grease from all the cooking will build up and spread throughout the RV.

Choosing the best RV range hood can be tricky, but finding the right one is worth it. Ensure that you check out our recommendations when you need to buy a range hood for your RV.

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