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The Best RV Sofa Beds for Motorhome, Travel Trailer & Tiny House

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best rv sofa bed

Comfort is a vital aspect of RVing because it helps you set the right mood and mental state wherever you are. Thankfully, sleeping in your RV can already be comfortable through the use of the best RV sofa bed. These products are very versatile because they can be used as a sofa, lounger, and most especially a bed.

Whether you’re alone or with guests, an RV sofa bed is important to maximize space. In this article, I’ll show my favorite list of RV sofa beds that delivered and even surpassed my expectations. Let’s get to know each product on my sofa bed reviews below.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

RecPro 65”


Editor’s Pick

Thomas Payne 379929


Best Value for Money

Futon Sofa Bed


Best RV Sofa Bed Reviews

1. RecPro 65” RV Hide A Bed RV Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

This 65’’ RV sleeper sofa from RecPro is a beautiful RV hide a bed couch that can accommodate two people. I like that the memory foam mattress is hidden so well underneath the seat cushions.

The mechanism pulls in a single motion to show the 5-inch mattress. I appreciate that a lightweight all-metal frame supports the 5-inch thick mattress for extra durability. Also, with how the cushions are nestled so fully, I never thought that a large mattress hides beneath them.

This traditional hide-a-bed sofa is upholstered with a linen cloth material, which looks luxurious with its natural sheen. I got the fossil color, and it looks great in my RV living room. Surprisingly, the linen fabric seems durable because my dog didn’t make any scratches on the sofa when she climbed on it.

I think this mattress hide-a-bed sofa will last for years because I haven’t seen any signs of pilling and shedding. During summer, I’m pleased that this RV hide a bed sofa feels cool and smooth to the skin. I believed that the weave of the textile makes it breathable and allows more air to flow freely.

 Heads-up:  However, I noticed that this sleeper sofa weakens when exposed to direct sunlight. The price was also a bit excessive for my budget.

  • Nestled in completely to hide the mattress out from view
  • Pulls out a thick mattress to provide a cozy sleeping area
  • Looks luxurious with linen’s natural sheen
  • Breathable fabric allows more airflow for coolness
  • Seems durable with its metal frame and linen fabric
  • Feels comfortable sleeping with its thick memory foam mattress
  • A bit extravagant
  • Gets weak when exposed to direct sunlight
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the RecPro RV Hide A Bed Sofa makes an incredible choice for hot travel destinations because the chair feels cool with its breathable linen textile. You’ll never know that a mattress hides behind the cushions because everything is nestled in so fully.

2. THOMAS PAYNE 379929 Grantland Doeskin Trifold Sofa

Thomas Payne offers one of the best tri fold sofa beds with its 379929 Grantland Doeskin model. This tri-fold RV sofa is low maintenance, making it ideal for RV owners traveling with kids and fur friends.

I like the support the high-density foam provides while sleeping. Thankfully, there are no support bars that poke through with what I experienced with traditional hide-a-bed models. I feel like this Thomas Payne product lasts longer than an air mattress hide-a-beds because it doesn’t get damaged easily.

I got this Thomas Payne product as an RV sleeper sofa replacement, and I’m pleased with the durability of the upholstery. More specifically, the Grantland Doeskin Polyhyde cover seems to be scratch-resistant no matter how my cat scratches on it.

The cover also features a topstitching design to fortify the strength of the seams and keep the sofa bed together.

When I tried to extend the Thomas Payne bed, it was very easy to do. The cushions feel soft and more comfortable than I expected. Best of all, the tri-fold sofa bed is easy to clean with just mild soap and water.

 Heads-up:  However, this Thomas Payne tri-fold RV sofa doesn’t give enough lumbar support when sitting. I also noticed that the sofa bed’s legs could scratch the RV floor, so I placed some sliders underneath.

  • Easy to clean and low maintenance
  • Comfortable to sleep due to lack of poking support bars
  • Polyhyde cover feels durable with its top stitch construction
  • Scratch-resistant and won’t get damaged easily
  • Easy to fold out to make a bed
  • Surprisingly feels soft to sleep on
  • Insufficient lumbar support when sitting
  • May scratch the floor when not installed with sliders underneath
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the Thomas Payne Trifold Sofa stands out with its durable polyhyde upholstery. Also, since this Thomas Payne product is low maintenance, it’s perfect for traveling with kids and pets.

3. Best Choice Products Folding Futon Sofa Bed

Best Choice Products offer a superb RV replacement sofa bed with futon that I love so much. This convertible folding futon sofa bed isn’t only perfect for sleeping, but it also suits best for watching games and movies on the TV.

I love the adjustable backrest because it can be set into three different positions. My favorite is the drop-down console featuring two drink holders because it makes it perfect for movie nights. When it’s time to sleep, it only takes a few seconds to remove the arms and adjust the back in its full recline position.

I feel like the linen fabric upholstery is durable enough to last for many years. In addition, this type of textile seems to keep me cool during the hot days. More impressively, it’s very easy to spot clean with a mild detergent once it gets stained.

Unexpectedly, assembly was a breeze because I only put the legs on the product. I like the fact that the pillows are removable because I can make a spacious sleeping area without them. Additionally, the entire sofa bed seems strong because four sturdy chrome legs support the entire weight.

 Heads-up:  However, there’s not enough cushion on the sofa bed, making it a little uncomfortable to sleep for long hours. I didn’t have that sinking feeling that I love with thick memory foam mattresses. The size is also a little small for my tall brother because his feet hang off while sleeping.

  • Adjusts to three recline positions for better comfort
  • Features two beverage holders in the middle
  • Assemble and transforms into a bed within seconds
  • Offers more sleeping space with removable pillows
  • Easy to clean and keeps me cool, thanks to the linen fabric upholstery
  • Seems sturdy with the chrome metal legs
  • A bit uncomfortable to sleep on due to lack of cushion
  • Not ideal for taller people
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Best Choice Products Folding Futon is one of the best RV couches sleepers for extra convenience. Making a bed and assembly is a breeze, plus I get two beverage holders in the middle.

4. Serta Palisades Upholstered 73” Sofa

Serta Palisades is a modern RV sofa that offers luxurious comfort when sitting, reading, or simply relaxing. I got the grey color, and I’m pleased with how versatile it is to match any decor in my RV living room.

The thing I love most about this RV couch is its memory foam because it feels very comfortable that I can feel myself sinking into it. Even with daily use, I’m pleased how the pillowed back cushions still remain in shape. I believe that the memory foam is highly dense because it was able to retain its shape for a long time.

Another thing that I’m impressed by is the product’s packaging. The sofa came in a compact box that fits just right in my RV’s narrow entryway. Moreover, the setup was incredibly easy because it only took me a few minutes to put the things together by myself.

I’ve never felt so comfortable sitting on an RV sofa bed because the seat depth is within the comfortable range of 20-22 inches. Also, the polyester upholstery shows an excellent resilience against ugly sagging. Best of all, the color doesn’t fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.

 Heads-up: However, this product is a standard sofa model and doesn’t turn into a bed. I also busted a zipper on one of the cushions, making me think twice of its quality.

  • Comfortable to sit and relax
  • High-density foam stays in shape for a long time
  • Grey color matches on any decor
  • Comes in a secured, compact packaging
  • Quick to assemble within minutes
  • Polyester material doesn’t sag and fade
  • Can’t be adjusted into a bed
  • Made of seemingly frail zippers
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the Serta Palisades makes a good RV sofa for sitting, reading, and other types of entertainment. Although this product doesn’t convert into a bed, the soft cushions make sitting and relaxing more comfortable.

5. RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa Love Seat

This jackknife sofa offers the same modern style and comfort as other RecPro Charles’ product lines. I like the 72-inch length, Mahogany color variety because it matches almost any RV interior.

This love seat has the same plushy bounce-back fill and creamy-soft Suprima Fabric that comes with all Charles couches. Plus, the poly-leather seems water-resistant because it didn’t absorb the water that I spilled from my glass one time. Surprisingly, the material feels soft yet durable enough to last long.

This travel trailer sleeper sofa is indeed simple to operate. Simply fold down the backrest to make a bed using one hand. I feel secured whenever I lay on this sofa sleeper because the frame is made of metal.

The beauty of this RecPro Charles jackknife sofa is that it has an armless design. This design makes the product more ideal to sleep and properly show the painting I placed on the wall. Besides the mahogany color, this sleeper sofa is available in many color options like putty, toffee, and chestnut.

 Heads-up:  My only dislike is the assembly process because it needs some tools, like a hand drill and screwdriver. This product also doesn’t stand well against sunlight.

  • Provides many color options, including Mahogany
  • Suprima leather material feels soft yet durable
  • Water-resistant and seems to last long, thanks to the metal frame
  • Has a bounce-back fill for superior comfort
  • Converts into a bed with one hand quickly
  • Armless design gives more space and convenience
  • A bit intimidating to assemble as it requires tools
  • Doesn’t hold up well against sunlight
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the RecPro Charles RV Jackknife Sofa stands out with how easy it is to convert into a bed. This travel trailer sleeper sofa impresses with its durable Suprima leather material and metal frame.

6. YAHEETECH Sleeper Sofa RV Couch Bed

YAHEETECH is another good lazy boy RV sleeper sofa that reclines into three recline positions from 105-180 degrees. The good news is that adjusting the backrest angle is as easy as folding it forward and backward.

I like that this RV sofa feels firm enough to support my body when sleeping. The pillows are also a nice addition to the ensemble because they doubly work as seat cushions to make sitting more comfortable. More surprisingly, the linen cover seems hard-wearing because it remained in good condition when my dog scratched on the surface.

I feel that the whole construction feels solid because the frame is made of sturdy plywood while the legs are crafted from metal. Thankfully, there are two metal legs in the middle to give more support when I’m sleeping together with my dog.

My favorite is the armrests because they look sleek and ergonomically designed to ease the pressure from my hands when sitting. I appreciate that the package includes all the necessary hardware and clear instructions for easy assembly. Besides, the package came in a compact box, so it fit in my RV entryway just right.

 Heads-up:  However, some screws don’t fit in the holes, so I had to use a drill. The seating area also feels so hard that I can feel the frame when I’m not using the pillows as seat cushions.

  • Easy to adjust in three angle positions
  • Comes with two pillows for extra comfort
  • Firm and durable to support the body while sleeping
  • Designed with ergonomic armrests and resilient linen cover
  • Metal legs add extra support to the whole construction
  • Compact package comes with complete hardware and fits in narrow entryways
  • Some screws don’t match the holes
  • Feels a bit hard, especially in the seating area
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the YAHEETECH Sleeper Sofa astonishes with its versatility. This RV couch bed reclines into three angles to suit your comfort.

7. Saemoza 4-in-1 Multi Function Folding RV Sofa Sleeper Bed

Saemoza offers a multifunctional sofa bed that can transform into a chair, ottoman, lounger, and bed with ease. I bought it for my nephew who lives in Canada, and I think it suits just fine in his small RV.

I’m actually quite impressed with the capacity of this small RV sofa bed because it can support a large weight. My nephew was around 400 lbs, and the sofa bed was able to carry him without any wobbling issues. My favorite is the adjustable backrest because it can be modified into five different angle positions.

I really found this one cool because it can convert into an ottoman and bed real quick. This product also takes up less space, thanks to its unique folding design. Best of all, this sleeper sofa is lightweight enough to move and carry around anywhere.

The linen fabric seems comfortable, plus the high-density foam comes with stereo lines to protect the spine. I like the hidden magnet as it helps fix the dust cover back into place. More importantly, there’s no assembly needed because the product is ready to use right out of the box.

 Heads-up:  However, the size of this sofa sleeper is very small. It’s only enough to hold a single person. I also got a model that seems to be uneven at the base, so I had to put a spacer to keep it from wiggling.

  • Versatile as it can transform into different forms quickly
  • Lightweight yet offers a large weight capacity
  • No assembly required
  • Unique folding design saves space
  • Comfortable with its high-density foam and linen cover
  • Adjustable backrest provides five different angle positions
  • Has a little sleeping space, enough for just one person
  • A bit uneven at the base
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, Saemoza is an outstanding sofa bed for RV because it’s a space-saver with its compact design. This product has one of the best sofa bed styles for versatility as it can transform into an ottoman, lounger, and bed.

8. RecPro Charles Collection 60” RV Jack Knife Sofa With Arms

This 60’’ RV sofa sleeper is part of the RecPro Charles Collection with a zero-wall hugger recliner design that doesn’t need a mattress. I purchased this from a year-end RV sofas clearance sale, and I’m quite satisfied with its quality.

This product is one of my favorite camper sofa beds because the material feels softer than I expected. The material is made of polyurethane or faux leather, which looks extra elegant with its scaled pattern. Besides, I like that it doesn’t absorb water, making it easy to clean and maintain for a long time.

When fully reclined into a bed, it remains steady due to its sturdy metal frame. I found no wobbly issues even when my brother was past the 150 lb weight capacity. Also, thanks to the tiny storage space underneath, I can place my blanket when I’m not asleep.

Moreover, I find this sleeper sofa very comfortable with its high-density foam. Even with constant use, the foam still remains its original shape. I also like the armrests because they give extra comfort and stability when sitting.

 Heads-up:  However, these armrests get in the way when sleeping. My knees always get hit with these things. Also, the 60-inch length is a bit short for me, so it would have been better if I picked a longer one.

  • No hidden mattress to deal with
  • Faux leather feels soft and easy to clean
  • Looks beautiful with the scaled pattern
  • Stable with the metal frame and ergonomic armrests
  • High-density foam feels cozy and stays in shape
  • Has tiny storage space for blankets
  • Armrests tend to constrict the movement when sleeping
  • 60 inches is a bit short
 Bottom Line:  Overall, this RecPro Charles 60” RV Jack Knife Sofa With Arms is an excellent choice for those who don’t like to deal with a mattress. This style of sofa simply pulls out to make a bed.

9. YAHEETECH Convertible Sofa Bed

This convertible sofa bed is another versatile piece of furniture that can be used in the RV. This furniture can turn into a bed, recline at three angles, and hold two beverage cups.

I like the drop-down console in the middle because it can hold two beverages for a perfect movie night. The backrest also adjusts into three different angles to help me find the most comfortable reclining position. I found 140 degrees to be my sweet spot when reading and watching TV.

The entire design of the RV sofa bed is very posh. The faux leather looks luxurious, while the metal legs appear to be stylish with their slightly slanted design. If not abused, I believe that this RV sofa can last long.

My favorite is the removable pillows because they also serve as armrests while sitting. Converting this product into a bed is also very quick. Best of all, the assembly only needs the attachment of the legs, so it was very straightforward.

 Heads-up:  However, this RV sofa sits very low, but it still looks pretty. I also find the seat cushion a bit firm, so it’s a bit uncomfortable when sitting.

  • Reclines into three different angles
  • Has a built-in drink holder in the middle
  • Looks stylish with the metal legs
  • Faux leather material seems to last long
  • Removable pillows can also serve as armrests in sitting position
  • Easy to transform into a bed and assemble
  • Sits very low, almost near the ground
  • A bit uncomfortable with its firm seat cushion
 Bottom Line:  All in all, YAHEETECH offers one of the stylish couch beds with its metal legs and rich faux leather upholstery. Furthermore, I think its best feature is the drop-down console because it can hold two drinks for more convenience.

10. HOMCOM Single Person Chaise Lounger Sofa Bed

HOMCOM offers a modern, stylish sofa bed that’s good for one person. I got this sofa bed as a gift for my father, who had his Flexsteel RV sleeper sofa worn down quickly.

I like the black birch wood frame because it’s sturdy and makes a nice accent to the cream-white plush cushions. My father was 250, and the wings and back have stood up well as they’re metal. Thankfully, both armrests can be moved up or down to make a bed, lounger, or a loveseat for an easy setup.

Another thing that I love is the two large accent pillows because they add extra support and comfort, whether sitting or lying down. These pillows come with removable covers with zippers, making them easy to clean and maintain. I enjoy the medium-density foam because they conform to my body and offer relief for sore back and hips.

The material is polyester, so it’s highly stain-resistant and durable. On top of it all, it’s very easy to assemble by myself. I only needed to put the cushions after opening the box, which only took me around 20 minutes.

 Heads-up:  However, the bottom wood slats seem flimsy because one of the boards got broken easily. Also, the foam is a little firm to sleep on but adequate for a quick nap.

  • Built with a sturdy frame and stain-resistant polyester cover
  • Easy mechanics, thanks to the adjustable armrests
  • Comes with two huge pillows for additional support
  • Removable covers and zippers make pillows easy to clean
  • Medium-density foam provides relief for sore muscles
  • Easy to put together in a few minutes
  • Bottom wood slats seem flimsy
  • A bit firm for comfortable sleeping
 Bottom Line:  Altogether, the HOMCOM Chaise Lounger Sofa Bed makes a good alternative from hide-a-beds as it can be turned into a bed with a simple adjustment of the armrest. In addition, the modern design makes an excellent addition to the RV living space.

11. RecPro 72” RV Jackknife Sleeper Sofa With Drop-Down Console

The 72” Jackknife Sleeper Sofa is one of the spacious RecPro models I have bought. I got the Oatmeal Cloth color which complements well with neutral greige tones.

I like this particular RecPro model because it comes with a drop-down console to hold beverages while watching TV or movies. The cupholders are found in the middle, so it’s pretty convenient to access between two people. Also, I appreciate that the cupholders are made of stainless steel because it makes me reassured of their quality.

The entire frame is also made of metal, which makes this sleeper sofa sturdy to support a large weight. My sister is around 150 lbs, and the sofa bed was able to support her without any problems. I actually like that the sofa has no armrests because it makes my RV room look spacious,

Surprisingly, the linen cover was easy to keep clean with mild detergent. Additionally, I find the linen fabric very comfortable to sleep on because it feels smooth and cool to the touch. Best of all, it looks stylish with its natural fiber appearance.

 Heads-up:  However, the curves on the backrest feel a bit uncomfortable when sleeping on them. Also, this RV sofa bed is a huge investment because it comes at a hefty price.

  • Provides a lot of space for sleeping
  • Drop-down console features two solid stainless steel cup holders
  • Feel durable with its all-metal frame construction
  • Armless design adds an illusion of extra space
  • Linen cover feels comfortable and easy to clean
  • Stylish and supports a large weight capacity
  • A bit uncomfortable to sleep on due to the backrest’s curves
  • Available at a hefty price
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I’m pleased with the RecPro 72” Jackknife Sleeper Sofa quality because of its durable linen cover and metal frame. I also love the extra feature of two cup holders found in the drop-down console, making it one of the best camper couch beds for entertainment.

12. DynastyMattress 4.5-inch Cool Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The DynastyMattress Cool Gel Memory Foam is designed to fit all sofa beds. When my RV air mattress hide-a-bed sofa got worn out, I tried to salvage it by replacing the old mattress with this one.

I love the mattress because it conforms to my spine and aligns it with my neck comfortably. It’s designed with a foam base and a gel plush memory foam layer on top, which I find very comfortable. I never break a sweat, even when sleeping in hot weather.

Another good feature of this product is the size because it’s the same as a full-size bed mattress. Therefore, it can accommodate two people easily. Thankfully, the mattress comes with a washable zipper cover, so I can put it in the washer for cleaning.

This mattress was a big improvement because I didn’t feel the metal bars or springs on my back like what I did to other sofa beds. Also, I appreciate that the package arrived suctioned to save me the burden of carrying it inside my RV. Fortunately, the mattress was easy to remove from the plastic wrapping.

 Heads-up:  However, I need to manually roll the mattress up with a bungee cord because it doesn’t roll back up inside the couch. Also, there might be a little odor when it arrives. So what I did was air out the mattress for three days to completely expand and dissipate the odor.

  • Cool gel top layer makes it feel cool to sleep during warm temperatures
  • Very comfortable to sleep on without the feel of springs or coils
  • Can help the spine and neck properly aligned
  • Has a good size to fit two people
  • Arrives in a well-suctioned packaging for convenience
  • Comes with a washable cover for easy cleaning
  • Won’t roll back up inside the sofa bed
  • Might have a slight odor straight from the package
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the DynastyMattress Cool Gel Memory Foam is a good find since there aren’t many options for mattresses for RV sofa beds. Hence, I recommend this product if your RV sleeper sofa with air mattress gives in.

13. RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa

This RecPro Charles Sofa Bed is a space-conserving double zero wall hugger that only needs three inches of clearance to recline flatly. I got this furniture as an RV sofa bed replacement, and my sleep has been better ever since.

This camper couch bed is comfortable and durable. There’s enough cushion all around the sofa, making it very cozy to sleep in a full reclined position. I think the mattress is six inches thick, while the bed frame is constructed from sturdy metal.

Another thing I like is the scaled pattern because it makes the camper sofa bed look elegant in my RV living room. The mahogany color also matches my decor, so the motorhome couch doesn’t look out of place. Finally, I like the polyurethane (PU) cover of this motorhome sofa bed because it’s easy to clean.

I love that this jackknife sofa bed is easy to make a bed- simply pull down the seat then lay it flat. My favorite is the storage space under the RV pull out couch because I can put a few blankets and pillows in it. Moreover, this RV couch is easy to assemble inside the RV because it came in sections.

 Heads-up:  However, the bolts get easily cross-threaded because they’re a little soft. Also, the couch slides when I try to open the jack knife flat out. So what I did is attach the couch to the floor with L brackets.

  • Saves clearance space with its zero wall hugger design
  • Comfortable with its thick cushions
  • Stylish with its scaled pattern
  • Made of an easy-to-clean PU cover and a durable metal bed frame
  • Has a storage compartment for bed essentials
  • Easy to make a bed and put together
  • Comes with soft bolts that cross-thread easily
  • Might need some bracket attachments to secure the couch
 Bottom Line:  Overall, the RecPro Charles Jack Knife RV Sofa is a comfortable sleeper sofa for RV with its thick mattress. In addition, this camper couch is perfect for RV owners who have a limited living room area because it comes with a nice nice storage compartment.

14. Camper Comfort 68” Rollout RV Sleeper Sofa

Camper Comfort provides a good alternative to a jackknife sofa with its pull-out mechanism. More specifically, this RV fold out couch pulls out by the loop to give a spacious sleeping area around 70 x 60 inches.

I like the fact that the cushions are all part of the sofa bed and don’t come loose. The RV sofa sleeper easily folds out like an accordion and slides back together quickly. Best of all, it’s comfortable to sleep on, thanks to its thick cushion.

When the package arrived, I’m pleased that it fit my class C RV entryway without a problem. It came in sections, so they’re easy to slip through the opening of my narrow RV doorway. Mine came with a Coddington Pebble color, which looks very stylish in my small RV living room.

The faux leather material looks really nice, plus it has a nice texture. It feels smooth and easy to clean with a damp cloth. More impressively, there’s plenty of space to sleep for two people to curl up as the seat area and backrest both lay flat.

 Heads-up:  However, this RV fold down couch bed is a bit difficult to assemble alone because mine came with missing instructions. I also found a small wire sticking out underneath the cushion, so I snipped it off and hoped that nothing wrong would happen.

  • Offers plenty of sleeping space for two people
  • Easy to pull out the bed and return back to the original formation
  • All cushions are part of the sofa bed and stay secure
  • Thickly cushioned for superior comfort
  • Came in sections to make it easy to slip through the RV doorway
  • Looks stylish and feels smooth
  • A bit challenging to assemble due to missing instructions
  • Poor construction quality as I notice a wire sticking out underneath
 Bottom Line:  All in all, the Camper Comfort RV Sleeper Sofa is the best choice for space as it offers a large sleeping area. This RV couch bed pulls out quickly into a bed and goes back into position with a slight push.

What to Know Before Buying RV Sofa Beds


Now that you know your options, let me guide you to the basics of choosing the best sofa bed for RV. Here are the important details about RV sofa beds.

The Different Types Of RV Sofa Beds

One of the most important things to know when buying an RV sofa bed is to understand the different styles available, and which one fits in your RV living room. Let’s discuss these different varieties below.

  • Hide-A-Bed Sofa Beds

These sofas look similar to a traditional couch, except that they hide a folding mattress inside. The pull-out mattress can either be made of different materials like memory foam, innerspring, or polyester fill. This style is the most comfortable due to its soft cushions, but these beds can be bulky and need more effort to get in and out from.

  • Jackknife Sofa Beds

Jackknife sofas sit slightly higher than sleeper sofas, making them easier to get in and out from. This style is more convenient because these sofas fold out to a full-size mattress quickly. Additionally, the cushion is usually firmer, making them more durable to hold more guests often. However, it can be quite uncomfortable, so you might need to roll out a softer foam mattress on top.

  • Tri-Fold Sofa Beds

Tri-fold sofa beds are incredible in adding up two extra sleeping spaces to your rig. This sofa bed style is slightly bulkier than jackknife but smaller than hide-a-beds. These sofa beds tend to be a bit more comfortable than jackknife sofas, but I still like to suggest a mattress topper.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of RV Sofa Beds

All RV owners know that functionality is the most significant aspect in picking RV furniture. The main benefit of RV sofa beds is that you can add an extra sleeping area to your rig without compromising any extra space. You don’t have to step around a bed in your RV’s main area or agonize about extra storage.

An RV sofa bed is a versatile piece of furniture as it can be used for sitting, sleeping, and lounging. It’s a great option if you want to entertain guests and have them sleepover. Sofa beds with a beautiful style can also be a nice accent to your living room.

Some sofa beds even offer extra storage space for your excess items or belongings. Since these products are manufactured for multifunctionality, they’re often built sturdy to last for many years.

However, this functionality also means extra weight, so you might need a hand when moving this furniture from one place to another. There’s also an issue of discomfort when you sleep on the curves and folds of the sofa. Also, it can also be a bit challenging to clean around the extra folds and gaps.

What To Look For On A Good RV Sofa Bed

The key to finding the perfect RV sofa bed is to get the features that you need. Now that you know what type of sofa sleeper to choose in your RV let me break down other important features that you should be looking for.

  • Durability

If you plan to use the RV sofa bed frequently, then it’s just wise to invest in a durable one. The most durable sleeper sofas are made of a sturdy frame. Avoid products with plastic and particleboard, which can get damaged easily.

As for the cover, genuine or faux leather beats all other materials in terms of durability. Cotton, linen, and polyester are also the most durable fabrics you can find.

  • Comfort

Another key factor when buying an RV sofa bed is whether it’s comfortable. It’s difficult to ascertain the comfort level of the product when buying online, so you can rely on reviews or personally shop in physical stores. When testing a sofa bed, sit and lie down to check whether it supports your body.

A high-resilient foam offers the best comfort, but this can be pricey. A cheaper alternative is polyurethane foam, but you may want to choose a higher density, or it’ll degenerate over time. For those suffering from chronic back and neck pains, look for a memory foam mattress.

  • Size And Capacity

The worst thing that can happen is to like a piece of furniture and only to discover that it won’t fit in your RV living room. So before you shop around, measure the area where you plan to put your RV sofa bed to ensure that the size fits in your RV entryway.

Don’t forget to consider the wall clearance and seat depth, as they can also take up more space. To make sure that the sofa bed won’t collapse quickly, look for a model that offers a higher weight capacity. Also, try to consider how many people the sofa bed accommodates.

  • Ease Of Use

The best RV sofa beds are easy to clean. Usually, faux leather or polyester fabrics are your best option. These materials can resist stains and spills effectively. If you own pets, make sure that the upholstery is easy to vacuum and won’t get scratched on their nails.

The mechanics also tell the sofa bed’s ease of use. Clic-clac sofa beds are easy to make into a bed because you simply need to drop the back down or recline fully. Often, these mechanics provide an extra storage space feature.

The A-frame mechanism is the simplest to turn into a bed as you only need to pull out the front. However, if you want to put the sofa bed against a wall, look for a pull-out and lift-up mechanism. For superior comfort, a three-fold and roll-out mechanism is ideal as it offers the comfort of a mattress.

  • Extra Features

It’s such a treat if your RV sofa bed offers more than just the normal of sitting and sleeping. The best RV sofa beds even provide storage space for pillows and blankets. Others also have drop-down consoles in the middle to hold two beverage cups.

Since extra features mean additional cost, think about what special features you need exactly.

Who Makes the Best RV Sofa Beds


RecPro makes the best RV sofa beds because all its products are made of durable PU material. This brand also offers a wide variety of luxury furniture to provide the most comfortable RVing experience. Their sofa beds are comfortable and operate smoothly with their jackknife design.

What Size Is an RV Sofa Bed

RV sofa beds come in different sizes, and most models offer a twin-size bed capacity measuring 38” x 75”. Other models have a mattress hidden to offer a full-size bed capacity of 53”x 75”. No matter what size you’ll get, make sure that you measure the allotted space in your RV before buying an RV sofa bed.

How Can I Make My RV Sofa More Comfortable

The best thing you can do is add a mattress topper to make the RV sofa more comfortable. Don’t forget to clean the mattress and spray some refreshing spray to bring a fresh hotel bed atmosphere. If the mattress topper is still not enough, try spreading a fluffy comforter and fluff your pillows before putting them on top of the bed.

Can You Put a Regular Sofa Bed in an RV

Absolutely! An RV can be equipped with a regular sofa bed, provided that the dimensions can fit in your allotted space. You might also need to secure the regular sofa bed with bungee cords or tape to keep it still while driving.

How Thick Should a Sofa Bed Mattress be

A sofa bed mattress should be 4.5 inches thick, which is the standard. This can differ from one sofa to another, so it’s important to gauge your unique sofa mattress to make sure it fits. It’s important that you get the correct mattress size to ensure the proper function of the mechanism.

How Should I Care for My RV Sofa Bed

The cleaning requirements may depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. But generally, you can use a vacuum to remove dust and any debris from your sofa bed. Don’t forget to unfold the mattress to vacuum it as well.

For stains and spills, spot cleaning is recommended. Blot the stains with a damp cloth of mild detergent and water. Also, try to rotate the mattress regularly to keep it from uneven wear.


You shouldn’t compromise comfort when RVing – experience comfortable sitting, lounging, and sleeping with the best RV sofa bed. If I have to pick just one, I will choose the RecPro Charles 70” Jack Knife RV Sofa because it rarely comes with tiny storage space to place your bedroom essentials.

The Camper Comfort RV Sleeper Sofa Rollout RV Sleeper Sofa is a good alternative if you don’t like the jackknife sofa style or simply want a larger sleeping space. Another comfortable sofa bed for RV is the RecPro RV Hide A Bed Sofa with its breathable linen cover and thick cushions.

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