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The Best RV Tires for Motorhomes and Camper Vans

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best rv tires

As a proud RV owner, you take the vehicle to different locations so you can see the world. But those exciting moments can become short-lived if your vehicle’s tires don’t give you the best performance possible. Therefore, you should always use the top-rated RV tires to make sure you are going to make the most out of your road trips.

The best tires for RV promote the most benefits, including improved durability, lifespan, and performance. Buying high-quality motorhome and travel trailer tires will also ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers while on the road.

However, what are the best motorhome tires? Also, what are the best RV tires fifth wheel models? What about the right RV tires for Class C campers? Continue reading to know the best camper tires anyone can buy.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST


Editor’s Pick

Maxxis M8008 ST


Best Value for Money

Trailer King TKS53 ST


Best Tire for RV Reviews

1. Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

I have been looking for good Goodyear motorhome tires, and my search leads me to this model. Once bought and installed, I found it difficult to look at other tires for campers, especially used RV tires.

Stability and handling are excellent, even on wet roads. The tire grips to roads as it avoids unnecessary skids, which would otherwise be great causes for concern.

This radial tire has a fairly shallow tread design. This design choice, coupled with the solid rounded shoulder ribs, makes the tire a joy to control in straight or curved roads. It also makes for reduced heat and moisture buildup. Therefore, I can have peace of mind, knowing that this product will not suffer from dry rotting, particularly when exposed to different weather conditions.

Moreover, this tire has a maximum load capacity of 3,750 pounds, which is enough to carry many Class B and C campers, as well as 5th wheels. However, it might not be ideal for some Class A motorhomes because of their sheer mass.

 Heads-up:  I am glad that this tire has a reasonably long lifespan because it is quite expensive. I would not suggest that interested buyers purchase this model if they are on a tight budget. Otherwise, folks that do not mind spending the extra cash will not find this product disappointing.

  • Excellent stability and handling on different road conditions
  • Reasonably shallow tread design reduces the safety risk of dry rotting
  • Durable rounded shoulder ribs
  • Sufficiently high maximum load capacity
  • Fairly long lifespan
  • Might not be ideal for some Class A motorhomes
  • More expensive than many travel trailer tires
 Bottom Line:  This product is one of the best Good year RV tires for compatible campers. Its excellent durability and performance make it a top contender on the market. For consumers who do not mind spending additional money on a high-quality travel trailer tire, this model will not disappoint.

2. Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Trailer Tire

I placed several thousand miles on this radial trailer tire to see how it would fare. In my experience, to say that this product is a workhorse can be an understatement.

This trailer tire is a great choice for toy haulers and 5th wheel trailers. To help readers get a perspective, I used this tire to carry a reasonably small trailer that weighs about 5,000 pounds. With this product’s maximum load capacity of 3,420 pounds, it carried the trailer without significant signs of stress. The elements contributing to its superb strength include its advanced tread compound and double steel belt construction.

Moreover, the tread’s design and construction allow the tire to have reduced rolling resistance. In turn, I enjoyed improved fuel efficiency. Plus, it also means that the tire can last longer than other selections on the market, especially when compared to low-quality models.

The radial construction also made it possible to make rides more comfortable and quieter than I expected. Some tires I tested that had fairly aggressive tread designs were quite loud, even on freeways and flat concrete roads. Thankfully, that was not the case with this tire as it even felt like my hauler was gliding on flat surfaces.

 Heads-up:  On the downside, this tire does not come with a wheel. I would prefer it to have a wheel included so I can save some cash. Still, that minor caveat does not ruin this tire’s overall experience.

  • Can pull a high maximum load capacity
  • Advanced tread compound and rugged double steel belt construction
  • Tread design and construction reduces rolling resistance
  • Has longer lifespan than many competing products
  • Radial construction makes rides comfortable and quiet
  • Does not come with a wheel
 Bottom Line:  Any 5th wheel, toy hauler, or RV owner looking for smooth rides on their vehicles on flat surfaces should consider adding this product to their next shopping list.

3. Trailer King TKS53 ST Radial Trailer Tire

This tire makes it a joy to drive my RV on different terrain. I used this radial RV tire on paved roads, gravel, and some off-road surfaces without experiencing significant causes for concern. Also, it has already been over 50,000 miles since I bought this tire, and its performance feels like I bought it yesterday.

The tire’s design also comes with a center groove. I like this design choice by the manufacturer as it allows the product to have consistent tracking. Additionally, this trait improves the tire’s stability, enhancing safety during drives.

Moreover, this model offers excellent heat dissipation, thanks to its unique shoulder design. RVing on hot concrete during the summer season does not give me worries about tire blowouts. Also, the tire comes with a nylon overlay, enhancing its strength and sturdiness to the next level.

As for its maximum load capacity, it is rated at 2,833 pounds. It is decent, although it could do better, especially if I want to use this tire on heavy travel trailers and 5th wheels.

 Heads-up:  Although I am not significantly concerned that this tire will give up soon, I am still at ease, knowing that the manufacturer included a limited warranty on this product. Therefore, I can contact the company’s customer service department for assistance on how to deal with this tire if it gives me issues.

  • Safe to use on different terrains, such as gravel and paved roads
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Center groove design for consistent tracking and improved stability
  • Unique shoulder design improves heat dissipation
  • Nylon overlay for additional strength
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty
  • Might be better if it has a higher load capacity
 Bottom Line:  RV owners looking for a tire that can go through different terrains safely should consider buying the Trailer King ST Radial Trailer tire. It is reasonably durable, which means an RV owner can rely on it for thousands of miles before replacing it.

4. Goodyear 724857519 Endurance Radial Tire

I have been looking across the market for excellent tires for motor home that has superb handling for a road trip to the mountains. My search brought me to this product, and I am sufficiently pleased with its performance.

The Endurance name is not only for advertising as I used this tire on an 8,000-mile camping trip to the mountains. It held up well when I was driving my camper around the curvy roads. Plus, I was able to gain approximately 1 mpg in fuel efficiency.

Next, this tire also has the Durawall Technology, which improves the sidewall strength more than the average RV tire. This feature allows me to drive my rig safely through rocky terrain without worrying about cuts, lesions, or punctures to the tire.

This model also has a sturdy fabric-steel construction. This material increases the overall durability of the tire even further. Thankfully, the manufacturer thought of tire pressure gauge compatibility when developing this tire. Even though the product has a distinct construction, it is still easy to use with relatively any tire pressure monitoring system on the market.

 Heads-up:  As it stands, this tire’s maximum load capacity is only 1,000 pounds. Thus, it is only ideal for carrying small- to medium-weight vehicles.

  • Excellent handling on straight and curvy roads
  • Provides top-notch fuel economy
  • Rugged Durawall Technology resists cuts, lesions, and punctures
  • Fabric-steel construction improves overall durability
  • Compatible with relatively any tire pressure monitoring system
  • Can be better if it can carry more weight
 Bottom Line:  This tire for rigs is great for RV owners that are sick of getting cuts and punctures on their tires. Its durability is among the best on the market, providing peace of mind during road trips.

5. Grand Ride ST225/75R15GR10 Trailer Tires ST

This purchase is an economical transaction since this package came with four tires instead of one. Therefore, I can save money on gas or shipping from buying more tires from extra transactions.

Aside from being cost-efficient, these tires also have a 10 ply rating and a 117 load index rating, which translates to a maximum load capacity of 2,833 pounds. I found that this model has almost no problem carrying reasonably heavy loads like 5th wheels, Class B travel trailers, and Class C campers. It can still hold the weight of some Class A RVs, but not all of them.

Additionally, the tread pattern reduces collision risk to almost zero. Think of the tread’s appearance like gears in a machine that works efficiently. As a result, I feel safe with these tires as the tread’s architecture improves overall balance and safety while on the road.

I also like the company’s unique Scuff Guard ring on these tires. This feature creates solid connections to the terrain, reducing slips and slides significantly. The ring reduces sounds and vibrations, promoting smooth rides from the beginning to the end of road trips. Driving at 75 mph is still smooth with these tires equipped on my camper.

 Heads-up:  On the downside, these tires are meant for car haulers, 5th wheels, and compatible campers. They cannot act the same as passenger car tires since this product does not fit most cars.

  • Set includes four tires instead of one
  • 2,833-pound maximum load rating for each tire suits many vehicles
  • Tread design reduces collision risks significantly
  • Unique Scuff Guard ring improves traction
  • Low noise and vibrations
  • Might not be possible to install on cars
 Bottom Line:  These models are among the best Class C and Class A motorhome tires I came across. Interested buyers looking for a well-rounded set of tires (no pun intended) should consider these rig tires.

6. Transeagle TSL10 ST Radial II Premium Trailer Tires

With a maximum load capacity of 2,469 pounds and a maximum pressure of 80 PSI, these tires can carry different campers, travel trailers, toy haulers, and 5th wheels. I can even safely say that these products sit among the best tires for Class A motorhome on the market because of those traits alone.

I like the steel-belted construction on each tire in the set. This feature allows the tires to have improved load durability. The tires even handled a 9,300-pound 37-foot travel trailer while being on the road for 10 miles.

I am also content to see that these tires are more than one-trick ponies. Aside from having a reasonably high weight capacity, these tires have a fairly aggressive yet symmetric ribbed tread design. I found that these tires have uniform pressure distributions, delivering optimal balance and handling.

Additionally, the all-season tread compound used in the manufacturing of these tires includes wear-resistant components. As such, I can use these tires for long road trips for years without wearing them out significantly.

 Heads-up:  Perhaps the only shortcoming I found was with the products’ packaging. The tires arrived banded, which means I had to use a wedge between the sidewalls. Then, I left the products under the sun for an hour before the install procedure. Thankfully, I only needed to use this process once.

  • Maximum load capacity and pressure are ideal for vehicles like Class A campers
  • Steel belted construction improves load durability
  • Fairly aggressive yet symmetric tread design for uniform pressure distribution
  • All-season tread compound has wear-resistant elements
  • Might require additional steps before installation
 Bottom Line:  These tires are excellent choices for owners of different motorhomes, such as Class A and Class C vehicles. Some users may also use these tires for fifth wheel towing because of their superb balance and ruggedness.

7. Westlake SL309 Traction Radial Tire

While many RV tires only fit motorhomes and campers, I am quite satisfied to see this model is compatible with other vehicles. I tested its fit on different pickups, vans, and SUVs, and this tire fit those vehicles without giving me significant problems.

I also love the all-season Silica Tech tread compound. This feature makes it possible for the tire to have excellent traction on dry or wet pavement. However, as it stands, driving on ice and snow with this tire could be better. Still, the tread design also allows the tire to have low rolling resistance for excellent fuel economy.

The tire also has four circumferential grooves combined with many lateral grooves. Hydroplaning becomes less of a risk with these elements.

The manufacturer also used variable pitch tread blocks. With these components, road noise becomes less apparent than when using conventional RV trailer tires. I can even safely say that this tire is quieter than some models offered by big brands.

 Heads-up:  Moreover, the two steel belts and double polyester cord materials in the tire’s interior improve its durability and lifespan. I drove my RV for 1,500 miles on the day I got this tire, and I could not be happier with its first-rate performance and ruggedness.

  • Compatible with different vehicles, such as pickups, vans, and motorhomes
  • All-season Silica Tech tread compound brings great traction
  • Tread design reduces rolling resistance, bringing excellent fuel economy
  • Less hydroplaning thanks to its grooves
  • Variable pitch tread blocks deliver quiet performance
  • Improved durability and lifespan with the steel belts and polyester cord
  • Might not be ideal to use on ice and snow
 Bottom Line:  I found it difficult to walk away from this RV tire because of its all-around performance. This dependable tire for motorhomes is suitable for anyone who needs a well-balanced option.

8. Wheels Express Inc 15655sm225R 10 PR Silver Trailer Wheel

I was looking for tires for 5th wheel trailers online when I chanced upon this product. At first, I was hesitant to buy this product because it has slightly higher than average costs. But my decision to purchase this model rewarded me with one of the best combinations of price and performance.

Compatibility is better than average, seeing that I was able to fit this tire on different vehicles. The tire’s size and design also fit boat trailers, especially those made by brands like Continental, Mako, Tahoe, and Yamaha. As for utility and cargo trailers, I was able to fit this tire on brands like Carry-On, E-Z Hauler, Performance Trailers, and Wells Cargo.

This trailer tire also fits my dual axle 5th wheel hauler like a glove. Additionally, the maximum weight rating of 2,830 pounds helped me pull two full-sized vehicles. The 10 ply rating and maximum 80 PSI capacity held well while pulling those two vehicles.

Additionally, this tire came ready to be installed. I did not find any significant issues with the install process, which allowed me to spend more time with my trip than trying to mess around with the tire.

The tread design also makes for an excellent ride quality. With this feature, the tire rolls down the pavement smoothly, which also means I can enjoy enhanced fuel economy.

 Heads-up:  On the downside, I wished that the durability was better. A bubble formed after it ran for about 3,000 miles.

  • Good value for money
  • Fits different RVs, utility trailers, cargo trailers, and boat trailers
  • Compatible with some dual axle 5th wheel campers
  • 2,830-pound maximum weight rating can pull two full-sized cars
  • Ready to install upon receiving the product
  • Tread design delivers smooth road trips
  • Might need to have better durability
 Bottom Line:  Folks looking for an RV tire that is perfect for short trips should think about adding this product to their next shopping list.

9. Goodyear FBA_ST-762-176-406-0 Endurance Radial Trailer Tire

Searching around the market for the best 5th wheel tires brought me to this product. At first, I thought this RV tire was only compatible with large travel trailers and 5th wheels. To my surprise, it fits many cargo and boat trailers.

In my tests, I was able to fit this special trailer tire on boat trailers made by companies like Karavan, Mako, Ranger, and Sun Tracker. Additionally, this tire fits cargo and utility trailers from different brands, such as FastTrac, PJ, Quality Trailers, and Road Force.

Plus, this tire comes with a reasonably aggressive yet symmetric tread design. Add that characteristic with an optimized tread depth and a rounded profile, and I enjoyed optimal stability while cruising at highway speeds. These components also help the tire disperse heat efficiently, promoting a better-than-average lifespan.

Looking inside, I can see dual steel belts reinforced with nylon. It also has a polyester cord, which, when combined with the other components, enhances the product’s overall strength, durability, and load capacity.

 Heads-up:  This model is slightly more expensive than the average radial RV tire. However, the build quality and overall performance justify that slight bump in costs.

  • Suitable for 5th wheels and travel trailers
  • Fits many boats and cargo trailers, like those made by PJ and Mako
  • Fairly aggressive yet symmetric tread design promotes optimal stability
  • Efficiently disperses heat for longer than average lifespan
  • Nylon reinforced dual steel belts enhance strength, durability, and load capacity
  • Has a polyester cord
  • Slightly more expensive than the average RV tire
 Bottom Line:  Interested RV owners looking for a highly compatible RV tire might want to consider buying this product. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants power, stability, and durability in their motorhome tires.

10. Toyo M-154 All-Season Radial Tire

I found this tire, and it had the EPA SmartWay Verified seal of approval on it, which piqued my interest. After careful research, I decided to buy this for my RV, and I can say that I am not dissatisfied with my decision.

Being a tire that is EPA SmartWay Verified, it means that this product passed the standards regulated by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Therefore, this tire managed to help me save fuel and reduce my vehicle’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, I like that the manufacturer is offering this tire in different sizes. I acquired the 245/75R22.5 model, but it is also available in other size variants like 295/75R22.5, 265/75R22.5, and 285/75R24.5.

Next, this tire takes advantage of an e-balance design that allows for equal wear and tear across the tread profile. Thus, this material can maintain a uniformly flat tread radius, providing consistent performance during extended use.

The e-balance design also controls contact pressure against surfaces. In other words, this tire has a low rolling resistance, promoting smooth rides at cruising speeds. It also improves the construction’s resistance to wear and tear.

 Heads-up:  However, purchasing this tire put a slight dent in my finances. It is more expensive than many competing products on the market. Still, the superb durability and performance of this product make up for that increase in its price tag.

  • Abides by the EPA SmartWay standards
  • Available in different sizes, such as 245/75R22.5, 295/75R22.5, and 285/75R24.5
  • E-balance design improves performance during extended use
  • Controls contact pressure against surfaces for reduced rolling resistance
  • Designed to resist wear and tear
  • Tends to be more expensive than most RV tires
 Bottom Line:  I found this model to be one of the best 22.5 RV tires on the market for different reasons. It is quite expensive, but the performance and ruggedness are worth every cent.

11. Michelin XRV Commercial Truck Radial Tire

I used to encounter hydroplaning frequently with my old RV tire. Thankfully, those days are now over, thanks to this radial truck tire for motorhomes. The reason for this advantage is its see-through groove design. Water does not stick on the material, reducing risks of moisture damage and mold buildup.

Furthermore, this tire is resistant to heat. Plus, its sidewalls have increased ozone resistance. Thus, the tire’s compound has better durability and longevity.

One small yet important thing I like about this radial RV tire is the sizing details on its surface. They are sufficiently visible, making it easy to read for important matters like finding replacement tires.

Additionally, this tire takes advantage of multi-siping technology to improve traction for safe rides. This product even holds onto the ground well on fairly slippery surfaces. This technology also helps improve the friction made when braking, which I admire for those emergency stops.

Like many other reliable RV and truck tires, this product has a commendable maximum load limit. This tire has a carry ceiling of 4,675 pounds, which is more than enough to hold the weight of different campers. It even encounters little to no problem carrying the weight of 5th wheels and Class A RVs.

 Heads-up:  However, installation can be a challenge since this tire is heavier than other options. As this item is 80 pounds, I had to call someone to help me lift and install this tire onto my rig.

  • Reduces the risks of hydroplaning significantly with its groove design
  • Ozone resistance and heat resistance for longevity and durability
  • Reasonably visible sizing details
  • Multi-siping technology improves grip and traction
  • High maximum weight limit of 4,675 pounds
  • Some users might need help with the installation of this heavy tire
 Bottom Line:  This tire is meant for large vehicles. It can hold the weight of massive campers, especially 5th wheel vehicles.

12. Hankook VANTRA RA18 All-Season Radial Tire

This all-season radial tire can keep up with my high demands of traveling on the road for long distances. It has the features I need to enjoy durability and fuel efficiency, promoting peace of mind wherever I go.

For instance, I noticed that this tire has a sidewall protection shield. This feature, coupled with a strategically placed groove location, offers increased on-the-road performance. Additionally, these elements improve safety and fuel efficiency while driving at high speeds and reducing the risks of wear and tear.

I also liked the tire’s tread design because it promotes improved balance and stability. This component joins the tire’s double steel belt to provide even pressure distribution. The result is an enhanced lifespan since this product can hold the weight of compatible RVs efficiently.

Traction is also an endearing element for this tire. Braking with this tire feels like I am stopping on a dime. It is because of the reasonably aggressive tread pattern that allows optimal gripping power with the ground. Plus, this tread design is also wide enough to prevent hydroplaning.

 Heads-up:  Installation is also a breeze as the tire is sufficiently lightweight. With a total weight of 20 pounds, it is lighter than the large models seen on the market. However, it means this light truck tire has to sacrifice some of its maximum load capacity to create a lightweight material. Still, this tire has sufficient lifting power to carry a 1987 Damon Escaper.

  • Sidewall protect shield and groove location enhance on-the-road performance
  • Designed to guarantee safety, fuel efficiency, and less wear and tear
  • Tread design improves balance, stability, and pressure distribution
  • Double steel belt
  • Enhanced traction, thanks to the reasonably aggressive tread pattern
  • Lightweight construction makes install procedures easy
  • Might not be ideal for heavy RVs
 Bottom Line:  Interested customers in need of a light truck tire for their RVs should consider installing this product in their vehicles. Despite its lightness, it still has the durability and performance of a superior workhorse.

TOYO M144 Radial Tire (Outdated)

I cannot miss the last item on this list because it is a beast on the road. It has the features and performance to combat different concerns while driving RVs.

First, I like that this tire is EPA SmartWay verified, which means it passes the standards imposed by this US government association. It also means that I can enjoy safe rides with excellent fuel economy.

Next, the wide-rib design optimizes the tread profile. This trait improves the tire’s pressure distribution, particularly since this model also has a wide steel belt structure. The bead construction also aids in improving the product’s wear resistance and lifespan.

Additionally, I love the V-shaped groove design that helps optimize this RV tire’s traction. At the time of writing, this product already served me for about a year, and the grip still feels like I bought this product yesterday.

Moreover, this model’s maximum load capacity is something that is non-existent in many competing products. It can carry a maximum weight of 5,000 pounds, which is more than enough to hold massive campers and 5th wheels.

 Heads-up:  Its carrying prowess does come with some drawbacks. One shortcoming I found is the tire’s weight because it is one of the heaviest on the market. It weighs over 120 pounds, which means I needed to ask for the help of two people to aid me in installing this tire to my rig.

  • Passes the EPA SmartWay standards
  • Wide-rib design improves tread profile and pressure distribution
  • Wide steel belt structure
  • Bead construction enhances wear resistance and lifespan
  • V-shaped groove design optimizes traction
  • 5,000-pound maximum load capacity
  • Might present difficulties during installation because of its heavy weight
 Bottom Line:  This heavy yet reliable RV tire is a must for large rig owners. I found that it can handle many issues during road trips, such as slippery roads.

Carlisle 6H04621 Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire (Outdated)

Premium compatibility is the name of the game for this trailer tire. I was able to fit this product into different vehicles, such as 5th wheels, travel trailers, boat trailers, and utility trailers made by various vehicle makers like Big Tax and FastTrack.

Aside from its compatibility, I am pleased by its tread compound. It is heat- and wear-resistant, which means I can use this tire for years. The tread design also promotes low rolling resistance and increases impact resistance. With these characteristics, this tire can go through different on- and off-road terrain without acquiring significant damage.

Then there are the interconnected tread blocks, which improve the wear-and-tear resistance and shelf life of the tire. I should also mention that this model has a 10 ply construction to improve load-carrying capacity.

The durability-focused features continue with the extra ozone and weathering layers. With these features, the tire can handle driving through hot roads at high speeds or long distances. I even tried going 80 mph with my trailer while carrying over 10,000 pounds on a 500-mile trip. Gratefully, the tires didn’t explode under extreme pressure, and that test single-handedly explains the ruggedness of this product.

 Heads-up:  However, the maximum weight capacity is slightly lower than other options. This tire can handle a maximum of 2,830 pounds, but some variants can handle more than 3,000 pounds of load.

  • Compatible with different vehicles, such as travel and boat trailers
  • Can fit different vehicles from brands like Big Tax and FastTrack
  • Tread compound is heat- and wear-resistant
  • Tread design reduces rolling resistance and improves impact resistance
  • Interconnected tread blocks with ozone and weathering layers
  • 10 ply durable construction does not explode under significant pressure
  • Could be better if it can handle more load
 Bottom Line:  This radial trail HD trailer tire is ideal for people who need to haul heavy loads for long distances. Also, anyone who does not want to buy many tires for different vehicles should consider this product.

MILLION PARTS 13027351 Trailer Tires (Outdated)

One thing I immediately liked about these trailer tires is that they come with wheels. The extra items included in the set mean the transaction for this purchase is more economical than buying standalone tires for motorhomes.

Additionally, since these tires already have wheels, it means that installation is a joy. All I had to do was remove the old tires and wheels on my camper and equip the vehicle with these models.

Compatibility is also commendable as these tires will not only fit different RVs since I was able to fit them into boat trailers. However, these tires will not fit cars, especially sedans. I would also like to mention that the 1,820-pound maximum load capacity means that these models are not ideal for massive campers.

Still, the durability of these tires is outstanding, thanks to the built-in rim. I was able to drive my RV for about 1,000 miles with these tires with little signs of damage, if any.

 Heads-up:  Also, the manufacturer included a 2-year limited warranty. This extra feature gives me peace of mind, knowing that the company’s representatives can help me if I need assistance with its products.

  • These travel trailer tires already come with wheels
  • Install procedure is reasonably straightforward
  • Compatible with different RVs and boat trailers
  • Excellent durability, thanks in part to the built-in rim
  • 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • May not fit most cars
  • Might not be ideal for heavyweight campers
 Bottom Line:  These trailer tires are great options for owners of small to medium motorhomes and travel trailers, as well as boat trailers. Also, getting these models is a wise move for those who do not want to spend the extra cash, time, and effort in buying wheels.

What to Know Before Buying RV Tires


The different RV trailer tires on the market can make it challenging to pick the best models. Unless you are in serious need of tires for your motorhome, take the time to think about important factors that will help with your purchase.

  • Tire Size

Thankfully, many reliable tire manufacturers put the tire size information on the product’s surface. Thus, it is only a matter of understanding what those alphanumeric characters mean.

For example, you can see 225/75R16 RV tires on the market, or perhaps you need RV tires 225/75R15 variants. If so, here’s how you read the offered data properly:

  • 225: Tire Width
  • 75: Aspect ratio
  • R: Radial Construction
  • 15 or 16: Wheel diameter
  • Tire Weight Rating

Buy tires with reasonably high load ratings. Remember that campers and travel trailers fall into different size classes, which are:

  • Class A: 26 to 45 feet
  • Class B: 17 to 23 feet
  • Class C: 20 to 30 feet
  • 5th wheel: 22 to 40 feet
  • Travel trailer: 10 to 40 feet

Keep in mind that the larger the vehicle, the denser and heavier it gets. Therefore, if you have a Class A motorhome, make sure to get Class A RV tires. Otherwise, installing Class B RV tires on a Class A camper will put unnecessary pressure and weight on the tires. This scenario is a recipe for disaster as the tires without the appropriate weight ratings will not work well.

  • Tire Traction

Safety should always be a top priority when buying the right RV tires, which is why you should look at the tires’ traction before spending money on them.

Figuring out the quality of the tires’ traction requires checking the tread patterns and materials used in their construction. For instance, carbon black compounds improve wear and tear resistance. On the other hand, silica fillers, particularly when paired with reasonably aggressive tread design, can improve rolling resistance.

  • Price

It should be a given that RV tires should last for weeks, months, or even years. However, the quality of the tires should coincide with its costs. Stay away from expensive models that do not offer excellent longevity. Moreover, a low price does not always mean high-quality design, construction, and performance.

  • Positive Online Reviews

Make sure to read online RV tire reviews, such as the list above, to ensure you are going to get excellent value from the purchase. Search for products that have an abundance of positive travel trailer tire reviews to ensure you are going to get your money’s worth.

Aside from reading the list above, you can also use search engines. Make sure to use appropriate keywords and key phrases for specific search results. For example, you might want to look at the tires offered in Costco. If so, you can use a search term like “Costco RV tires”.

The Different Types of RV Tires

Aside from the essential elements mentioned above, it’s also important to consider the types of RV tires in the buying process.

  • Light Truck (LT) RV Tires

Made for Class A, B, and C rigs, LT tires are the standard models you can see on the market. These variants have different features and characteristics that depend on their manufacturers’ preferences.

  • Radial RV Tires

Also called radial-ply tires, these models have steel belts or cord plies at a 90-degree angle pointing to the direction the vehicle is traveling. The radial belt construction (hence the name) provides a dense yet durable offering to rigs. Additionally, this construction helps RV owners enjoy enhanced fuel economy, along with other great benefits.

  • Bias RV Tires

Considered inexpensive choices, bias tires have nylon belt constructions pointing at 30- to 45-degree angles. The sidewalls are reasonably sturdy and also capable of sufficiently weight loads. Some bias models can also handle more weight than their radial counterparts.

On the downside, bias tires have a shorter lifespan than other options. The average working life of these options is about 12,000 miles. Radial tires, on the other hand, can last about 40,000 miles.

Still, bias tires can become an excellent option for 5th wheel vehicles. It’s because this type of rig does not take long trips or take extended adventures on rough terrain.

Benefits and Drawbacks of RV Tires

Investing in good quality RV tires can save you a lot of trouble. High-quality tires for RVs promote the most benefits while bringing as few setbacks as possible. With that said, many trailer tires share common advantages and shortcomings. Continue reading to know these fairly common benefits and drawbacks shared by many RV tires.

Benefits of RV Tires

  • Excellent traction provides safe trips
  • Sufficient inflation prevents tire blowouts
  • Enhanced fuel economy because of improved sturdy constructions
  • Smooth and comfortable rides during road trips
  • Reasonable lifespan promotes excellent value for money

Drawbacks of RV Tires

  • Bad axle alignment shortens the lifespan
  • Fairly high risks of porpoising, a distracting alternate rising and falling motion
  • Inadequate heat distribution
  • Faulty weight safety rating
  • Ill-fitting dimensions

Who Makes the Top-tier RV Tires


In certain scenarios, all it takes is to look at the RV tire’s brand to know it offers high-quality design, construction, and performance. Some companies in the RV sector provide first-rate tires to their customers, supplying rig owners and passengers with comfortable rides and peace of mind.

Here are some of the best RV tire makers out there:

  • Goodyear

If you have seen a Formula 1 racecar, chances are you already know the Goodyear brand. This tire maker makes quality tires for different vehicles, and not only for F-1 racecars. Goodyear supplies truck, RV, and passenger tires.

Goodyear is also one of the oldest tire manufacturing companies in the industry. It started in 1898 in Akron, Ohio, where it first made tires for bicycles and carriages. The business also sold rubber horseshoe pads and even poker chips.

Eventually, this company expanded its wares when the automobile sector started booming. In 1901, Goodyear entered the racing market with its patented racecar tires. Over time, the firm extended its products and services outside of Akron, reaching international lands. Today, Goodyear supplies quality tires in different regions, including China, Japan, and the USA.

  • Maxxis

Maxxis is a tire company with humble beginnings. It first opened its doors to supply vehicle owners with quality tires in 1967. At first, this Taiwan-based firm made bicycle tires. Over the years, it heightened its efforts to create top-notch tires for other vehicles, such as light trucks, buses, ATVs, lawnmowers, race karts, and travel trailers.

  • Michelin

Michelin is one of the leading companies in bringing optimal mobility to its customers. It offers products using modern technologies to serve the needs of different industries. This company recorded over US$8.1 billion in sales in 2020. Plus, it dominates many markets in Canada and the USA.

When Should I Replace my Trailer Tires

Many things do not last forever, especially trailer tires. But how do you know if it is the right time to replace old, worn-out tires? Here are some of those tell-tale signs.

  • Uneven tread wearing. Bent axles or spindles, axle alignment issues, overinflation, and underinflation can result in the tire’s treads getting worn out sooner than later.
  • Dry rotting. Tire rubber deteriorates because of excess moisture and heat.
  • Old tires. Most RV tires last about five years before you need to replace them. If your rig tires exceed the five-year mark, it is time to buy new models.
  • Nails and sharp rocks can be RV owners’ worst enemies. Blown out camper tires can no longer provide first-rate performance and become hazardous with continued use.

How to Keep RV Tires From Dry Rotting

Many RV tires, especially those made from leading brands, are quite durable. These models can take beatings from extended use. However, even the highest-quality tires for motorhomes are not impervious to dry rotting.

Dry rot usually happens in wood, but it can also occur in rubber. This problem occurs when certain fungi infest and digest parts of the rubber. Moreover, the fungi grow and spread because of excess heat and moisture.

Applying coats of UV protectants or ozone blockers to RV tires frequently can prevent dry rotting. Additionally, you can also use reliable tire covers that can prevent unnecessary heat and water storage to the tires.

Finally, you can also store the tires if the vehicle is not in use. This method is ideal for motorhomes that stay in one spot for extended periods.

Can You Put Car Tires on a Trailer

Yes, you can put car tires on a trailer, but only in rare cases. Even then, you still need to consider certain things. In particular, you should start to think about the tires’ sidewalls. Many motorhome tires have dense and stiff sidewalls, which are better at handling trailer loads than car tires.

Plus, many trailer tires do not have steering axles. In other words, the cornering is different and can alter the camper driving experience significantly. If you are determined to use traditional car tires on travel trailers, make sure that the tires’ size and weight requirements match the RV as closely as possible.


Using the best RV tires promotes safety during drives. The right products can also enhance overall RV driving experiences, thanks to their improved durability, design, and performance.

Lastly, if I were to pick my favorite, it would be the Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Tire. This model has a very high weight limit and makes drives smoother and quieter than normal.

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