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How Long Do the RV Tires Last? – Average Lifespan of RV Tire

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how long do the rv tires last

Many RV owners often ask the question, “how long do the RV tires last?” This is a common question, especially for those who want to get the most out of their initial RV tires. Most people would feel like buying a set of top-notch tires can be a little heavy on the budget.

Aside from knowing how long do RV tires last, you should also understand what affects your RV tires’ lifespan and when to replace your RV tires.

How Long Do the RV Tires Last


In general, motorhome tire life expectancy is not that short. A tire can last about five to seven years. They can last longer with regular maintenance and proper care.

However, every rig owner should also note that a travel trailer tire can also be affected by many factors that make it deteriorate faster. To help you know when to replace your RV’s tire, here are some of the ways to check your travel trailer’s tire.

Determine the Tire Age

You should always be aware of the age limit and the age of your RV tire. Luckily, checking your tire’s age is easy to do. Just look for the manufacturing date or the date code, which usually starts with “DOT,” followed by a set of numbers. To know the week and year your RV’s tires were made, check the last four digits of the code.

Examine your Trailer’s Tire

Replacing your motorhome tires should be based on tread wear. You should always give your trailer’s tires a thorough check. Check for any signs of deterioration, like cracks in the RV tire’s sidewalls. Sidewall cracking is one of the most common reasons for tire deterioration. Make sure to check your tires before and after travels.

Helpful Tips to Prolong Lifespan of RV Tire

Now that you have an idea of how long RV tires last, here are some ways to prolong the life of your rig’s tires. Also, take note of these few tips to maintain the quality of your tires at all times.

  • Distribute weight evenly. Each of your tires has a maximum load that they can carry, so make sure to note that.
  • Get your tires rotated and checked regularly by a professional to ensure a long-lasting set of tires.
  • Take note of your tires’ date code and know when you should replace them. Replacing them with a new tire set now and then can ensure you and your rig’s safety.
  • Maintaining proper tire pressure is one of the most important parts of prolonging your tires’ lifespan. Proper inflation pressure must be checked before every trip as your driving habits can affect a tire’s pressure and cause it to tear faster.
  • Keep your tires clean as much as possible. Clean tires will be able to last long, which is beneficial for travel trailers and owners.
  • Invest in tire covers to protect your tires when parked for a long time or not in use.

Factors That Affect Your RV Tires’ Lifespan


Checking your tires from time to time should be mandatory for all rig owners. This will make sure that your tires are in good condition, especially if you’re planning to travel for a long mile.

Make sure to check any factors that can cause them to deteriorate faster than usual. To help you find out which ones to look out for, here are some factors that can affect a tire’s caliber and lifespan.

Incompatible RV Tires

If you are among those who are fond of traveling in your RVs, you need to make sure that you are using the right tires. Rig owners use ST tires or special trailer tires that can withstand any driving conditions or high speeds.

This type of tire is specifically made to carry all the load of your rig. Unfortunately, tire types like passenger vehicles, car tires, and truck tires will not hold the weight of a recreational vehicle along with its contents.

Wear and Tear

Your RV tires will deteriorate quickly or slowly, depending on how much you use your RV. There are two kinds of rig owners, one who uses RVs for their road trip and RV camping often and the other who uses their vehicle infrequently. These two differences can affect the way your trailer’s tires will deteriorate.

If you use your RV intermittently, chances are your tires will last longer than someone who uses their rig for traveling. There are many reports that RV travelers change their tires a whole year earlier than an RV enthusiast who doesn’t move his/her vehicle much.

Always consider how many miles you will travel to prepare your RV tires for the drive.


To ensure you and your rig’s safety, make sure to get a set of tires from a trusted brand. Find a manufacturer that is known for giving excellent service and top-tier tires. Some good examples of tires are the Goodyear tire, Carlisle tire, or the Maxxis tire.

Take some time to read through product reviews to help you choose the best trailer tires and avoid occasional tire failure.


It would be best if you always stuck to an RV’s maximum load capacity when traveling to avoid a blowout. It’s also imperative to take note that adding extra weight to your recreational vehicle doesn’t only cause tire blow, but it can also strain your rig’s engine.

Instead of traveling leisurely, you’ll have all of these problems, which can be avoided in the first place if you don’t overload your RV.

Weather State

One of the factors that can affect how long your RV tires last is harsh weather conditions. Understandably, your tires will wear out faster when you keep driving on icy roads or in areas with extreme cold. The same can be said when going in extreme heat or prolonged exposure to UV rays.

It’s safe to say that each of your tires is highly susceptible to deterioration in extreme temperatures.

Quality of Tires

Lastly, your tire’s value will play a significant factor in how long RV tires last. If you use a low-quality tire for your RV, it will wear out faster, and you would need to replace it with new tires more frequently. This will be costly for rig owners in the long run.

On the other hand, if you use a high-quality tire, it will last longer and be proven to be more budget-friendly.


Rig owners should always know how long a vehicle tire lasts and how often they should replace it for a better ride and camping experience. Understanding the factors that affect the tires’ life is also beneficial to assess if it’s time for your RV tires to be replaced.

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