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The Best RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors to Keep Your RV Always Safe from Fire

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best rv carbon monoxide detector

More people have become interested in the idea of RV. With an RV, anyone could simply go for a ride and stop at a fantastic spot. That’s why for every rig owner, it’s essential to ensure the safety of your rig.

Protecting a rig against dangerous gases should be one of the top priorities for any RV owner. However, choosing the best RV carbon monoxide detector is not that easy.

If you have RV carbon monoxide detectors, you can prevent any accident and keep your rig safe from harmful CO levels. However, there’s a wide range of options waiting for you, so it’s important to remember what to consider and pick the right one. Here are some of the best factors to consider when choosing the right RV CO detector:

  • Stand: alone or combination model – In my experience, it’s essential to consider if you should get a stand-alone or combination model. Stand-alone carbon monoxide detectors can detect CO gas. On the other hand, combination models can detect carbon monoxide and smoke, which is what I recommend.
  • Easy installation: Ensure that you get a CO detector that’s easy to install and has a stable power source. Look for a sensor with a not too flashy indicator light that can notify you. It’s ideal to get a loud detector that you can just hook up and last long.
  • Level of Sensitivity: Choose a camper carbon monoxide detector with a high level of sensitivity as it can help prevent CO poisoning. Remember that the measurements are in PPM or part per million. A regular detector can record its lowest at 30-40 ppm and alarms at 70 ppm. It’s always a huge bonus if your RV CO alarm can detect smoke well too.

While searching for a new CO detector, it’s also a good thing to recognize the best detectors in the market today. The following are considered the reliable RV carbon monoxide detectors, which may serve as a basis for your choice. By the end of this guide, any owner will find the best CO detector for their RV.

Top 3 Products

Best Overall

MTI Industries 35-742-BL


Editor’s Pick

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm


Most Trusted

First Alert SCO5CN


Best Carbon Monoxide Detector for RV Reviews

1. MTI Industries 35-742-BL RV LP/CO Alarm

Finding the correct 12 volt RV carbon monoxide detector can be overwhelming, with many options to choose from. Luckily, our search can end with this great LP/CO alarm from MTI Industries.

I adored this product because it can work as an RV smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in a single device. The sensors can detect natural gas such as carbon dioxide and any gas leaks to keep your rig safe at all times. In addition, it provides top-notch quality in detecting smoke and CO with little to no false alarm.

Another thing I loved about this CO detector is it’s proven to be a durable model. It can withstand cold temperatures that some carbon monoxide detectors may not be able to. Made with solid materials, it can also stand the rugged environment of an RV. It’s the perfect carbon monoxide detector for camping out and traveling, even during winter.

This product will work efficiently for as long as you have a 12v power source compared to other RV CO detectors. That means you don’t need batteries or regular replacements, just a simple installation by screwing it in and connecting it to the 12v power source, and then it’s good to go.

 Heads-up:  If there’s anything that would probably make me think twice, it’s the price tag. This product is a bit more pricey if you compare it with other CO detectors.

  • A combination model that detects both gas and carbon monoxide leaks
  • Detects with little to no false alarm
  • Durable construction, perfect for RV trips
  • Works on a 12V power source
  • Simple installation with screws
  • The price tag is higher than other CO detectors
 Bottom Line:  Overall, I’d like to consider this model as one of the best RV carbon monoxide detectors in the market today. Although it may be expensive for some, I think it’s worth it because of its dual-sensor feature.

2. Kidde Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

For anyone looking for a suitable carbon monoxide detector for an RV that uses a battery, this is it. The Kidde Carbon Monoxide Alarm gives me peace of mind when traveling with my family.

This product has a unique piezoelectric horn that can produce an 85db noise to notify everyone of any imminent danger with the CO levels. It can also be silenced by a Test/Reset button which makes it easier to use.

Even if a power outage occurs, this detector offers constant monitoring as batteries power it. All I needed were two AA batteries to ensure the safety of my RV.

I also like how it’s easy to install. There’s no need for hardwire set-up since it is battery-powered. For people like me who don’t know a thing or two about installation, the guided instructions that come with the product are proven to be very helpful.

In terms of price, I can say that this CO detector is the best choice since it’s the cheapest one on this list. It has a low cost with superb quality detection, making any person feel safe inside their RV.

 Heads-up:  Even if the product’s a great bargain for any rig owner, it’s essential to take note that the batteries need to be changed regularly, precisely once a year. So it’s more work, and it may cost you more since you need to buy replacements every year, but it wouldn’t be much.

  • No need for complicated installation as it runs on AA batteries
  • Constant CO monitoring even during blackouts
  • Has a Test/Reset button for testing
  • Loud alarm (85 decibels) to notify you of any threat
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Batteries should be changed consistently.
 Bottom Line:  This product, in my opinion, is a fantastic option for all rig owners: excellent quality and durable model for such a fantastic price.

3. First Alert SCO5CN Carbon Monoxide Detector

The First Alert SCO5CN is a great combination model for RV owners looking for an affordable detector. With this device, I didn’t need a separate smoke detector for my RV.

It’s great to have both a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector in a single device. It has a photoelectric smoke sensor and an electrochemical CO sensor that gives optimal function. As a result, I saved a lot of money while still having a top-notch device to protect my rig from invisible fire particles and harmful CO levels.

Another fantastic feature of this detector is an active alarm that produces an 85 sound that can notify you anytime. Also, it gives a T3 pattern, meaning three intermittent beeps, then a short period of silence.

I can also vouch that this product is straightforward to install. It fits right into the old screw holes of my old RV carbon monoxide detector, and you don’t need to worry about hardwiring and stuff. It is very recommended for others who don’t like to do much work.

Furthermore, this one is a UL-listed product as it has undergone rigorous testing. It also has an extended warranty of seven years compared to regular sensors that only have five years of security which is a big plus.

 Heads-up:  Since this detector is battery powered, battery replacement is necessary. It runs on AA batteries, so it’s recommended to have them changed every six months for better function.

  • Inexpensive combination model
  • An 85db loud alarm to alert loudly with T3 pattern
  • Extended 7-year warranty compared to others
  • Can detect both smoke and carbon monoxide with one device
  • Easy to install into old screw holes
  • Undergoes rigorous testing to meet UL qualification
  • Frequent battery change is needed
 Bottom Line:  This combination detector is a great product that I would recommend to others, especially those who wanted to save money by buying a single device to protect their rigs from any gas leak.

4. Safe-T-Alert by MTI Industries Dual LP/CO Alarm

For those looking for a top-tier CO detector, check out the fantastic Safe-T-Alert RV carbon monoxide detector.

The dual sensors on this flush mount detector can keep any RV safe from harmful CO levels and gas leaks. I love how this RV carbon monoxide detector prevents any false alarm.

This CO detector appeals to me because it is simple to install. There’s no need to put in any time-consuming effort; simply screw it in, and you’re ready to go.

This CO detector would be handy for rig owners who enjoy camping and touring in their RV. This device exemplifies the term “durability” in its simplest form. It’s made of rigid materials to survive the harsh conditions found in RVs, such as moisture and shock.

It can also adapt to various temperatures and does not have any problems even in the cold. So there’s no need to be concerned about traveling or camping at any time of the year. Notably, this UL-listed device meets NFPA requirements for safe use on RV.

Because this is a 12-volt motorhome carbon monoxide detector, you won’t even need batteries. The only thing you’ll need to connect it to is a 12v power source, and it’ll run on its own—no need to worry about replacing the battery every once in a while.

 Heads-up:  This CO alarm is one of my favorites because it has everything you could ever need. However, when compared to other CO detectors, it is a bit costly. But, given the price, I believe it is well worth it.

  • Connects to a 12v power source
  • Quick and simple set-up
  • Rugged construction to withstand harsh environments and high temperature
  • Combination model that detects both smoke and CO
  • A UL-listed device meets NFPA requirements for safe use on RV
  • A high-priced option
 Bottom Line:  Without a doubt, this product is among the most effective RV CO alarms. I like how it’s incredibly sturdy in any situation and ideal for any rig owner, particularly those who enjoy roaming.

5. Kidde Nighthawk Carbon Monoxide Detector

We can keep our rig safe with this fantastic Kidde RV carbon monoxide and propane detector. This detector caters to me because it senses both carbon monoxide and gas leaks. In addition, it uses electrochemical sensors to detect an imminent danger caused by any dangerous gas.

What I loved about this detector is that it’s very user-friendly. The digital display on this device allows you to keep track of your CO levels. With the aid of its Peak level recall, it displays the highest CO levels ever logged. These attributes will assist us in keeping track of the CO levels in our rig.

The loud 85 dB noise of this KN-COEG-3 alarm will alert us right away, even if we’re outside the RV, let’s say, grilling the BBQs. It also offers a Test/Reset function to ensure that everything is in working order.

Some may consider setting up to be a hassle; however, this product includes a wall socket. Therefore, we can just plug the detector into the wall or connect it to the available power cable.

 Heads-up:  The only downside to this detector is that false alarms can happen regularly. However, this product can detect all hydrocarbon gas, including methane and propane, so that it may alarm more frequently than others.

  • Continuous CO monitoring even when the power’s out
  • Comes with a wall socket for easier installation
  • User-friendly LCD Display
  • The electrochemical sensor is used for CO and smoke detection
  • A loud alarm at 85 dB for a clear notification
  • It may alarm more frequently than regular detectors.
 Bottom Line:  I’m confident that this device is a great detector to have in an RV, especially if we’re wary of all kinds of explosive and harmful gases. In addition, the user-friendly feature accompanied by an easy installment process is something to consider with this product.

6. First Alert BRK CO250 Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The CO250 BRK RVA RV CO Alarm from First Alert is great for rig owners looking for an inexpensive and effective device. This battery-operated RV CO detector matches the effectiveness of significant rivals at a lower cost.

Because of its remarkable effects and low price, it is among the best deals around. We also discover that its qualities aren’t to be overlooked. Its hinged cover allows a much easier installment of the equipment and battery replacement than other variants.

Another attribute that drew my interest was the product’s silence feature. It will ensure that any undesired alerts, like once the batteries need to be replaced, are silenced.

Its entire structural quality also amazed me. This device has been tested extensively in the harshest conditions to maintain function. The continuous shocks and changing weather should not affect its function as a result of this.

This structure is also responsible for the product’s 10-year longevity. In addition, this device will provide you with a sensor that will not need to be replaced shortly. We should know how to change the battery in the RV carbon monoxide detector for efficient monitoring.

 Heads-up:  However, rig owners who live in California should find another option for them because this product can’t be shipped in their area. So no matter how good this deal is for bargain buyers, they can’t buy it if they live in California, which seems annoying for some.

  • An affordable device effective in preventing false alarms
  • Versatile and lasting up to 10 years
  • Easy to install and comes with batteries
  • Loud alarm with 85 dB noise to notify
  • Low price and simple design
  • Doesn’t ship to California
 Bottom Line:  I consider this product a great option, especially for those who live out of California. This device’s durability and price tag are enough to convince me to buy one and install it into my RV.

7. MTI Industries 65-542-WT Safe T Alert CO Detector

For rig owners looking for a great RV carbon monoxide detector replacement, they can stop their search with this great CO detector from MTI Industries. The Safe T Alert Carbon Monoxide Detector is an excellent option for use inside any camper van, from fifth wheels to Class A rigs.

Having this product can provide convenience for most people with its unique features. One notable attribute is its rapid recovery sensor, which ensures that the device resets after it’s silenced for more consistent monitoring.

Since it has a 12-volt design, it simply means we don’t need to fret about battery packs. This feature ensures that we do not have to spend excess funds on battery packs every six months.

The technological advances in this device guarantee that it performs at a top standard in any possible situation. Also, this 12v carbon monoxide alarm is certified by RVIA/NFPA for its safe use on RVs.

 Heads-up:  Another significant component is the product’s “Alarm Mute” button. This button is a valuable addition since it ensures that the alert system does not make a sound when your RV is well-ventilated and secure. That’s a whole lot of false alarms that can be prevented.

  • Simple 12 Volt Installation that doesn’t require batteries.
  • Applicable for any type of RV
  • Constant monitoring with a rapid recovery sensor
  • Comes with an “Alarm Mute” button that prevents false alarms
  • Receives RVIA/NFPA certifications for safe use on RVs
  • More expensive than other options.
 Bottom Line:  With all that said, I genuinely think that MTI Industries have created an excellent carbon monoxide detector in this model. The fantastic features with high standard quality make this device worth it for its price.

8. Kidde 21026043 RV Carbon Monoxide Detector

This next device can protect us from dangerous CO levels. With the help of the Kidde RV Carbon Monoxide Detector, at a low price, we can ensure that our rig will be safe at all times.

This carbon monoxide detector is suitable for someone having troubles with their hearing. The smart alert system will inform them what’s going off. In addition, I love how the product’s carbon monoxide detection functionality is correct.

Installation flows just like a breeze with this product. Because it is battery powered, there’s no need for any hardware installation and simply remove the old device and put this right into the slot.

Another thing which I liked is the value of this product. It is inexpensive and comes with a 10-year warranty. As a UL-listed device, this smoke detector can easily last that long with efficient service that does not disappoint the rig owner.

 Heads-up:  The product runs on two AA batteries which need to be replaced every six months for better function. However, those who live in extreme heat or cold can vouch that batteries deteriorate faster in extreme temperatures. When this happens, the battery may need to be replaced every 3-6 months, which is costly and time-consuming.

  • Runs on two AA batteries, allowing quick to install without hardware
  • Low price tag for RV owners with a low budget
  • Comes with a standard loud alarm at 85 db
  • Separate alarms for smoke and carbon monoxide detection
  • A UL-listed device with 10-year warranty
  • The battery should be replaced regularly for better function
 Bottom Line:  Hands down, this product is an excellent detector for any RV given its accuracy in detecting carbon monoxide and inexpensive price tag to ensure constant monitoring even when the power is out.

9. First Alert CO400 Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Another top pick among carbon monoxide detectors on the market is the CO400 battery-operated carbon monoxide detector for RV. This alarm system is designed for optimal security for anyone seeking a sense of security to protect their home from CO and smoke.

In the event of a blackout, it can constantly monitor carbon monoxide thresholds. This device also includes electrochemical monitoring systems and a photoelectric detector. These features are capable of tracking even larger fire particles in your RV for better protection. We can prevent fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in our rig by using this product.

Replacing the batteries is also easy since we would only need one 9v battery. It also comes with a 9v battery at first, which is a big plus!

I also liked its indicator lights incorporated on the front panel that indicate toxic CO and smoke. When it senses danger, it provides an 85db noise which will allow buyers to hear warnings immediately.

Furthermore, because of its Silence/Test button, this device is proven to be very simple to use. It will guarantee that any undesired warnings are silenced. It also has an alert mute that can keep the device silent. With this device, I was able to get rid of any unwanted disturbances.

 Heads-up:  The only concern is that since it’s an older 12v carbon monoxide detector, some devices are manufactured in 2010 or before, and this device could only last for about seven years from its manufacturing date. So ensure to check the date and contact the manufacturer immediately as they will ship out a new one.

  • Constantly monitor carbon monoxide thresholds even in a blackout
  • Includes electrochemical monitoring systems and a photoelectric detector
  • Easy installation with included 9V battery
  • Provides 85db noise for clear warnings
  • Features a Test/Silence button, simple to use
  • Always check the manufacturing date
 Bottom Line:  I would recommend this detector to buyers looking for overall protection from carbon monoxide, smoke, or any explosive gas. With a great price and unique features, this product is undoubtedly a good bargain deal.

10. X-sense Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector

X-sense offers a unique slim CO detector model with the SC03 RV CO Alarm. It’s a fantastic deal for buyers who opt to buy a device that can detect both smoke and harmful CO levels.

I am a big fan of this product’s built-in battery design and durable construction. In addition, it has a slimmer design which buyers will love as it can easily blend into their RV’s interior.

If you are knowledgeable in using a power drill or a screwdriver, setup will be easy. This detector includes the screw and mounting brackets with the product, so we can drill it in to have a functional carbon monoxide detector alarm for your rig.

I am also sold by the fact that this detector has a built-in 10-year lithium battery. So there is no need to plug it in or replace the battery; just set it up in our rig and assess it for any potential issues.

This product has dual detectors for identifying large smoke particles and carbon monoxide. In addition, a Reset button is available so that we can disable the alarm at any time. Such features will aid in the prevention of false positives.

It also has a large LCD that shows the CO levels in our RV, which I like. Simply press the Test button to offer as it will not appear every minute and thus save battery life. Not to mention, it has bright indicator lights to notify clearly.

 Heads-up:  The only thing I didn’t like is that the battery may not last long if you live somewhere cold. This is because the lithium battery tends to deteriorate faster in cold temperatures.

  • Excellent LCD Display for easy operation
  • Solid design with Test/Reset button
  • Built-in lithium battery for long-lasting use (10 years)
  • Comes with inclusions for easy installation
  • Detects both smoke and CO gas
  • The built-in lithium battery cannot withstand cold weather.
 Bottom Line:  In general, this product can be considered as an option, especially for buyers who don’t like changing batteries and want to save money by getting a combination model.

What to Look for When Buying RV Carbon Monoxide Detector


RV safety is an essential matter that rig owners should think twice about. Now that I’ve covered the best detectors you should look into; it’s now time to know what to look for when buying an RV CO detector. Here are some of the features to take note of.

  • Digital Display

Most of the time, rig owners choose a detector installed with an LCD Display that shows readings. The digital display enables a user-friendly option for anyone to see the levels of CO in your RV and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • Cost

Whenever you buy something, you must take note of its price. You should always make sure that you’re getting the right amount of quality for what you’re paying for. Get the right balance of everything you need and make sure that the price is justifiable.

  • Model Type

When buying RV carbon monoxide alarms, you should know whether a specific model is a stand-alone or combination type. Stand-alone is usually cheaper since it only detects carbon monoxide. However, if you want a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector at the same time, you can go with a combination type for a bit more price.

Make sure you’re to keep your budget in mind and get the right quality for it. This applies to everything that you spend your money with. Make sure that you’re not sacrificing quality just for the sake of a cheap device.

  • Power Source

In buying a top-tier detector, it’s essential to be aware of its power source. Several energy sources are to choose from, including hardwired, battery-powered, plug-ins, and plug-in/battery. It’s better to select a hardwired prototype so that you don’t need to change batteries. Otherwise, get a battery-powered product that would last long.

  • Lifespan

It’s also important to take note of how long a particular detector can last. Most sensors can last from five up to ten years if maintained properly. So choose the suitable detector that you won’t have to replace now and then.

  • Installment

Another thing that you should consider when buying an RV carbon monoxide detector is its installment. Make sure that it’s not complicated to install and that all parts are included. It’s a big plus if it comes with all of the mounting brackets and such.

Where Should a Carbon Monoxide Detector be Placed in an RV


One of the most critical parts in getting the right RV carbon monoxide detector is to figure out where it should be installed. Placing is essential because a CO detector will work best if placed in a centralized location.

Install it in a position that is 5 feet from the floor of your RV. Carbon monoxide stays low when the air is cold, and it rises when it’s hot. Having the proper placement will ensure that your RV’s detector will work in any situation. Also, make sure to install your device near the area where everyone sleeps. Avoid putting it in a room with high humidity or extreme temperatures.

Can You Use a Regular Carbon Monoxide Detector in an RV

The answer is yes. Placing a regular RV CO2 detector should already be a big help to prevent high levels of carbon monoxide inside your camper. While it is ideal to use a combination type that also detects smoke, you can only use the regular ones that work as RV carbon monoxide detectors. Just make sure that your carbon monoxide detector placement is just right for it to function well.

How Long Do RV Carbon Monoxide Detectors Last

Usually, a carbon monoxide alarm for RV has a lifespan of five to seven years. If you’re using an RV carbon monoxide detector that is battery powered, you would need to change the batteries once a year to ensure that it works just fine. It is recommended that you replace your RV’s carbon monoxide detector once it reaches its fifth-year mark because its function is pretty much questionable after that.


Choosing the best RV carbon monoxide detector requires extensive research and considering all factors to ensure a top-notch quality function. It may be pretty challenging considering all of the available options that you could choose from, but remember that your safety and camper’s safety depends on the choices you make. So think about all of the options and weigh down your factors to come up with the best carbon monoxide detector for RV and keep it safe at all times.

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