“As a background, we are new to the RV world. As we were about to retire a few years ago, we identified that we wanted to travel the US. As we talked about how we wanted to travel, the obvious vehicle was a Class B RV. We went to the Minneapolis RV show, and spent a lot of time with Dale Borstad of Lake Region RV’s. We looked closely at the product of all the major manufacturers. It was very clear to us that the design of the Great West was superior for our purposes.

Since I am fairly tall (6’3″), we decided to wait for the new model of the Sprinter van. The wait was worth it. In the last few years, we have travelled coast to coast and border to border in our RV. Most of our travel has been during the Iowa winter. Each of the last 4 winters we have lived in our RV for 3-4 months, while roaming around the warmer climates. We have enjoyed the mobility of the unit, the style of the unit, the functionality of the interior layout, and the storage room, especially for golf clubs and other larger items. The performance isn’t bad either, with fully loaded overall mileage around 19 mpg.

We also have appreciated the service from Great West. We have had very few issues, but a couple of adjustments needed were provided quickly and professionally. And, since you have become owner of Great West, the responsiveness and support has been Great, and we appreciate it. We appreciate being kept informed on the new and better items being used in your RVs. As you know, being new to the RV world, sometimes the help we need is just a better understanding of the functionality of our RV.

So, thanks so much for your great product, and your company and personal support of that product. With this strong customer centered approach, we know you will enjoy great success as the owner of Great West Vans.

We look forward to many more scenic memories traveling the roads in our Great West Van.”


Jim and Carol Charling

West Des Moines, Iowa

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